Colorful Finds at SM Stationery

For the longest time, I noticed that I only have one color palette in mind & that is my own–vibrant bright colors or pastel hues.  My sister-in-law who works in the fashion industry would always tell me, “You can always combine colors as long as they belong to the same family”.   I think after n years, I finally put this knowledge to use when I finally shopped by palette at SM Stationery in North Edsa.

SM Stationery Wrappers Wallets Ballpens

My original agenda was to look for pens.  I spent all week drawing last week.  *OMG. I think it was the most drawing & writing that I did ever since Riley was born.* As a result, 5 pens died on me and I needed new ones.

Wallets & Pouches at SM StationeryWhen I went to the store, I was initially thinking, I was going to find the usual stash of office supplies: staplers, the usual ballpens, papers, folders and such.  Well, I did.  That and so much more!  How cute is that tiny pouch that says “Ostrava”? I always admire artists who can work with a limited palette.  I would always tell myself I will work with only 2 colors and I always end up working with all the colors sans brown or black. Hehe.
SM Stationery Pink WalletOne thing led to another and if you were following my tweets & snaps, I initially drawn to a vibrant notebook design.  A couple of hours later, a lot of things were on my shopping cart.

SM Stationery Light Blue ItemsThe pencils you see in this photo come in sets and they’re more affordable than your top-of-mind pencil.  :O  Also, how cute are the pouches, tapes, pens & that striped background?  That’s a wrapper.  I was just gaping the whole time!

I’ve been blogging for the past 7 years and I realized, if there’s one thing I love doing, it’s being able to tell a story or a scene in the way that I see it in my mind.  Sure, you have shelves and shelves of notebooks, novelty goods and tech accessories but I saw the items by palette.  *I wanted to take them all home too!* So, I was super happy that the store manager helped me out when I told her that I wanted to take photos for my blog. 🙂  The day before this, if you watched our Facebook livestream, we were busy shooting and styling so I still had some hangover which inspired me to do a full blown shop by palette post. 😀

SM Stationery Red & Blue SetThe more I picked items, the more I saw how stuff had belonged to different color families.  This is my second favorite palette: the navy set in bright blues & reds!
08 Red & Blue Set IMG_1218

Then, there’s the summer palette which is what my friends call my choice of colors.  😀
SM Stationery Vibrant ColorsThat orange polka-dotted orange rectangle is a paper bag & the chartreuse background is also another wrapper.  I actually started thinking about occassions and upcoming parties which I can use as an excuse to wrap stuff.  Hahahaha.  The paper quality is better than your typical wrapper too.  The mustache & umbrella are your cute erasers and that cropped pattern on the right is a document holder.  Yep, you guessed it, a lot of the stuff I bought came from this set.  Hahahaha. Don’t be surprised if you see them do a cameo in future IG posts. 😀
Faber-Castell Ballpens

What really drove me crazy are the fact that the items at SM Stationery were all more or less priced at Php 100.00 when you can find a similar item at a different store at thrice to six times the price.  I was shaking my head all the time because I know it would be harder to leave the store empty-handed.

Letters from ABC SM Stationery

Also, a lot of the aesthetics: geometric patterns, quirky ballpen designs were stuff that I would always see on Instagram accounts abroad.  Now, they’re here just within reach a few minutes away from my place!  *My heart & mind are torn between saying Yasssssss and oh nooooooooo.* Some of the notebooks you see above have hard covers and are not as pricey as I expected them to be. *Shaking my head yet again.*

Of course, making a cameo is Letters from ABC–a postcard set by le officemate Abbey Sy which inspired this palette.  Thanks to her my eyes can finally recognize browns.  Haha. It also helps that from watercolor, I learned that by combining any color with brown, it becomes desaturated.  I’ve finally come to recognize the world of desaturated hues.

Geometric Notebooks SM StationeryThe attention to detail! :O Above are a wooden stamp set, geometric notebooks, masking tape, deer ballpen & a mousepad.  Fox Design SM StationeryJust look at how lovely the designs are.  I had to tell myself I should limit the photos to x shots per palette or I’ll never finish shooting them. Hahahaha.

Candy Magazine Pink & PurpleJust in case you’re wondering what those tiny things are that came in set of threes, they’re magnetic cable holders.  I just had to get the one with teal, leaf green & white. Hehehe.  The one with pink stripes is a dainty powerbank.  There’s a whole section devoted to tech accessories at SM Stationery.  You have there macaron earphones & pastel wire cables which will leave you wondering why they made all things in your favorite colors now it’s harder to resist not to buy. Haha.  Notice how the copy of the Candy Magazine also came in Pantone’s Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz & Serenity.  Ooh. <3

SM Statinonery Faber-Castell Ballpens

If you ever find yourself going to the SM Stationery branch nearest you in the coming days and going home with so much stuff, please don’t hate me.  Haha.

Check out more of the stuff on SM Stationery’s Website & social media accounts:


I’d like to see what you’ve shopped from SM Stationery!  Tag me in your posts. 🙂


Tipsy ♥

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8 years ago

Wahahaha. Lol on my cameo. 😛 Thanks as always for the support and for today! Much appreciated. – Abbehhhhh

Precious Mary Fe Valencia
Precious Mary Fe Valencia
8 years ago

I looove this!! The colors are just too pretty. I as well like shopping at SM Stationery, always budget-friendly and very pretty!

Eunice Panopio
Eunice Panopio
8 years ago

Urgh! I spend so much time at stationary stores specially when I have a very limited budget. I need to know which one I really like and which one I can’t buy 🙁

ava te-zabat
8 years ago


8 years ago

This feeds on my stationary hoarding tendencies. Haha! Hallo Tippy! Why is everything so cute? Also, these things back in the day came in plain and simple designs. Kids these days have a lot to thank for. LOL.

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