The Googly Gooeys is a little over ten years now. It started as a webcomic about a girlfriend and boyfriend with their silliest real-life nicknames: Tispy & Ponggo. Those were the days when the hubby was the muse of the humor blog. ? His toothy grin IRL was the inspo for the character’s smile. Back then he also sleeps a lot… or at least longer than I do. Fast forward ⏩⏩ to a decade and now he’s up and about so early in the morning! Some days as early as 6:00am and he’d even manage to squeeze gym time. I guess he really is super as Riley says so. 

It’s also just fun to watch the hubby transform into a toddler’s playmate: they have sword fights, they assemble toy cars together and Riley definitely loves watching his dad cook ???.

Thanks to dads who lift us up, support us, tell us to hang in there and remind us if we forget to wear shoes in the gym ?.

I don’t know how the hubby does it but he always takes Riley to the gym. Seriously though, thanks for being a fun, gentle and firm dad to Riley. Thanks to all the lightsaber fights, lego and car-building nights and bedtime stories with matching Tagalog translaition ng PJ Masks. Happy Father’s Day Pong!

Deviating as early as the first few paragraphs. *wooops* Okay, let’s go back to how Father’s day started for us. We decided to take a little staycation at Savoy Hotel Manila which is already challenging (because you might have observed by now that we find it hard to hit pause on our projects). The first thing that caught my eye as soon as we arrived was this painting. Makes me wish I could consistently make large scale abstract work too.

As soon as we got to our Savoy Hotel room, the first agenda was to nap. #Tita. Also, it was Riley’s siesta time so we all “pretended” to sleep but when we all woke up, it was already dinner time. Haha. Talk about how comfy the beds were!

How do we get family pictures these days? “Pwede yung candid na lang.” Toddlers are so challenging to shoot. I would tell anyone I’m with “yung photo-journalistic na lang”. I’ll shoot as things happen… parang wildlife. Abang-bang lang.  I just wait for the right moment.

Riley loves to pretend to be a monster by hiding under his blanket. His security blanket is literally a blanket.

We checked out Savoy Hotel and their amenities and I saw a lot of illustration Inspo! I like how this was thought out. I always imagine interior designers as layout artists but they deal with 3D instead of flat objects.

I love seeing design at work. In my other life, I would have probably been an industrial designer. I also look for ways on how a flat and simple illustration can be turned into something decorative and the like. Of course, I checked out the designs up close: the material, the story behind it, the color of the paint and how it plays with the other elements.

Dining area with pops of color! People often ask me about color and the thing is, the only way I learn is by paying attention to palettes in my surroundings. Take these dining area palette for instance. All the colours have a tinge of brown that’s why they look like they belong to the same family.

We walked to the Newport Mall and we had Korean food for dinner at Bulgogi Brothers in Resorts World Manila. The hubby is a picky eater and he enjoyed it here. So, yes, if the hubby vouches for it, it means that the food is really yummy! 😀

I had grape shake for dinner. I missed it so much!

We celebrated Father’s Day with Angkong too (i.e. my husband’s dad.  Angkong is a term for paternal grandfather in Chinese) He had Pong when he was 22 years old so it always feels like we’re just with a friend when we’re with him.

Bought Angkong a gift as well from L’Occitane at Newport Mall. Also, truth be told I’m such a sucker for details. I love taking macro shots. Pretty much how I love thinking about things too: I zoom in on details. Some of these photos were taken with me kneeling down in the middle of the retail area. Hahahaha. 

I also love looking at palettes. If there’s a reason I buy Mac Cosmetics, it’s because their products are rich in pigments. Same with watercolour, I love them like that.

The first thing I’m bound to notice at the gym of course: colors & shapes. Hahahaha.

More gym fun with these two! I never thought that excercise and gym time can be a bonding experience between parents and their kids. 

So as you may have seen in our IG stories, Riley and I chased each other inside the mall. And after all that calorie burning exercise, it was time for cake! Here’s Riley pointing to the cake on the LCD and then eating it afterwards. It was love at first sight.

Overall, it was a fun and relaxing weekend with the family. Thanks to Resorts World Manila and Savoy Hotel for pampering us!

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