Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in Malaysia (Day1)

Last November, we received a call from Nuffnang informing us that we will be representing the Philippines under the Hidden Gem Cateogry.   A month later, we found ourselves on our way to Malaysia for the  Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards to meet 500 other bloggers from Australia, China, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia & Hong Kong 🙂

We’d like to give Nuffnang a BIG THANK YOU for making us a part of this super fun experience!

Here are the pics to prove it…and this is only Day 1 😀

with fellow bloggers & nominees Erwan, Helga , Laureen, Camille & Tita Noemi.

The Finalists from the Philippines are:

Most Original Blog Design: Ditz Revolution by Helga Weber (Psst! Check out her self-portraits on Flickr too!)
Best Food Blog: The Fat Kid Inside by Erwan Heussaff
Best Travel Blog: Just Wandering by Nina Fuentes
Best Fashion Blog: It’s Camille Co by the Mango It Girl herself 🙂
Best Photography Blog: Lantaw by Allan Barredo
Best Geek Blog: Geek Out by Bim Barbieto
Best Geek Blog: IPinoyLike by Che Lian
Best Geek Blog: Yugatech by Abe Olandres
Best Lifestlye Blog: JenniEpperson by Jenni Epperson
Best Parenting Blog: The Misis Chornicles by Bernadette Laurdaus Siazon

Yay for Team Philippines for bagging 4 out 13 awards:

Best Travel Blog: Just Wandering by Nina Fuentes
Best Geek Blog:  Geek Out by Bim Barbieto & Javyee Fernandez
Best Lifestyle Blog: Jenni Epperson
Best Hidden Gem: The Googly Gooeys by yours truly 🙂

googlynuffpic3500pixW 1

We particularly enjoyed Malaysian stand-up comedian Harith Iskander’s hilarious segment about Bruno Mars, drivers and pedestrians. 🙂

We weren’t really expecting to win and we were just simply on a high, giddy & happy that we’re in Malaysia with our fellow bloggers. We didn’t prepare any speech so when we got onstage to receive the Hidden Gem Award, Ponggo pushed me in front of the mic and I pushed him back. I was too teary-eyed and overwhelmed to speak. I was only able to say, “Thank you”. I was THAT useless onstage 😛 *drama queen*

Anyway, we’d like to thank YOU readers for this 🙂 It just amazes us how a hobby of doodling about random stuff has brought us this opportunity 😀

The awards night ended and we all went to Zouk for the after-party! 😀

This is us with the super fun group: Team Philippines! 😀 Check out their twitter accounts & blogs too. It’s just inspiring to see people take time to pursue their passions & share it with everyone via blogging 🙂


After the after-party (redundant, eh?) at the Zouk, while waiting for the bus, Helga, Ponggo & I tried some Malaysian street food 🙂 Yummy!

Congratulations to the rest of the winners too!

Region’s Best Blog: Xiaxue
Most Influential Blog:Xiaxue
Best Micro Blog: Kenny Sia
Most Original Blog Design: Eat Show and Tell
Best Entertainment Blog: Beautiful Nara
Best Food Blog: Lady Iron Chef
Best Fashion Blog: Cheeserland
Best Photography Blog: Photoblog.HK
Best Parenting Blog: Childhood101

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