What’s your favorite DIY and crafting material? We’ve been very much into felt and foam recently so we thought we’d whip up a few more projects not just for the kids but also for the kids at heart!

A few months ago, we made felt and foam toys (burgers and pizzas) and crowns for a series of workshops so we this time around, we picked something that everyone will enjoy. Ready to find out what these are?

DIY Tote Bags

Tip: Create designs by combining simple shapes and fun colors. Felt and foam are so easy to manage and cut using a trusty pair of scissors.

Tip: If you’re into paper folding and crafting projects, you may want to try the same techniques on felt. They’re very durable, can be folded without creasing and are washable too. *wink* For this tote bag design, we folded a felt strip like so (just like you would a fan) and put both sides together with a glue gun or a thread and needle. Tada!

Tip: You can also use the felt and foam to create a pocket for your tote bag! Just make sure to only sew or glue 3 sides, with the opening at the top.

DIY 3D Wall Art

If you want a budget-friendly, easy and handmade decor for your home or office, you can also use felt, foam and more to create a 3D wall art. For this one, we took inspiration from Riley’s singing of the “bahay kubo”. We just used an illustration board for the backdrop and some leftover balsa wood (replaceable by cardboard) for the frame.

Tip: To achieve the 3D effect, use small pieces of felt or foam stacked together (or popsicle sticks) to lift your elements from the board creating various heights and dimensions. Play with these before you glue down your project with a glue gun.

Crafting Workshops

We took these projects and brought them to our Craft Easy workshops at this year’s SM Stationery Artfest. Sharing with you some of the fun things that happened that weekend.

We had free acttivities at the Craft Easy booth such as sand art, scrapbooking, felt and foam pizzas and everyone’s favorite: DIY crowns! What would yours look like?

For our first workshop, we made DIY tote bags and everyone had fun decorating and personalizing their projects. Participants also got to play with the other Craft Easy products such as pompoms, fabric stickers, decorative ribbons and more!

Ava aka @artsyava using the stencils we provided to make her abstract bag design. Also, look at that cute color combo!

One of the participants made this mermaid design on their tote bag by layering and trimming scallop/cloud felt cutouts.

Reign and her mom made this cute design of a cat. Do you guys have a pet? Check out the gallery below for other tote bag designs and ideas from our workshop participants.

For Day 2 of the Craft Easy workshops at Sm Stationery Artfest, everyone made 3D art from lilies to roses to veggies and their fave animals. The possibilities really are endless.

Seriously, art is a means to express and destress. It’s more than a hobby or a profession. The essence of events and workshops like this is to allow us to PLAY, EXPLORE, DISCOVER and make MISTAKES. If you ever get the chance to observe most adults at workshops, you will find us filled with doubt and second guessing ourselves. Meanwhile, kids are fearless when they create.

We hope that if there’s one thing people can take away from this weekend, it’s the fact that bravery takes practice. We hope that when you get to try a new medium, you remember that you may not be in control of things and it’s okay…and eventually, you will figure it all out. It might just take time. 

When you go back into the real world, we hope you get to bring these practices with you and you become more confident with things like an idea you want to happen, a personal project or even with the way you want to dress.

Thanks to everyone for coming to our Craft Easy workshops! We’ll be having more of these throughout the year so be sure to keep in touch (or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified) .

Craft Easy is available in all major bookstores and department stores nationwide. For more creative ideas and products, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  You may also visit their website at www.crafteasyphilippines.com to check out their products. Have fun creating!

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