Design Week + Art Sale this May 6!

Design Week Creative Talks Collage (w googly)So I was busy taking care of Riley and adjusting to our new life with the baby.  I was supposed to finish an artwork then on one fateful day, I got three text messages from Mansy, Alessa & Abbey asking me if I’d like to join them to talk about Design Week!  I dropped everything (well, not literally) and headed to the meeting. :)
01 Design Talks Abbey IMG_9362Abbey’s talk freebies 🙂

I’ve been secretly wanting to be a part of Design Week for years now but I really had no idea how. :D02 Design Week Mansy IMG_9363 Here’s Mansy of Hey Kessy waiting for her turn at the talk.
03 Abbey Sy Lettering IMG_9411

…and Abbey sneaking in some worksheets for our Letters & Colors workshop last April 23 & May 14 before the talk 🙂

03 Alessa IMG_9377

Here’s Alessa fixing the canvas zip bag freebies at the workshop. Wow, the attendees are so lucky. 🙂

04 Creative Talks IMG_9379

If there’s one thing I didn’t see myself doing in the future, that’s being invited to talk about what I do.  I’ve always been the introvert and when I was asked to do a presentation during a board meeting in my corporate years, I had a terrible tummy ache.  My boss even volunteered to bring me to the hospital. Hahaha. 😀

04 Design Talks Audience IMG_9435I’d like to give a shoutout to our host PJ Lanot for hosting and entertaining the crowd!

08b Where it belongs it returns IMG_9420The talk was held at Teatrillo in Intramuros and there were Letters to the Philippines surrounding the area. :) Earlier that week, we also held an outdoor workshop near the place.  More about that in another blog post.

Googly Gooeys Abbey Sy Alessa Lanot PJ LanotToo bad Mansy already had to leave when we had our group picture taken.  Thank you to those who attended though.  I must say it was one fun & fulfilling afternoon.  It’s not every day that you get to share your thoughts and your journey. :)

Thank you Design Week Philippines for having us!  ‘Til the next one. 🙂

We were just talking about how much art stuff we’ve accumulated through the years and the fact that we only have two hands.  I would always tell people “I don’t think I can consume all these in my lifetime” and they laugh at me.
Art Sale Official Poster (Alessa)

But it’s true!  So, together with Abbey & Alessa of Life After Breakfast, we’re having an Art Sale at Merkanto on May 6, 4pm.  The poster was done by Alessa by the way.  was written by Abbey, was written by Alessa & by yours truly. 🙂
Art Sale (Square) IMG_9844
We will be selling merchandise, new & pre-loved art materials, books & magazines 😀  Price point will be anywhere from Php 50-Php 500! 😀  Above is my stash and below is Alessa’s 🙂
Art Sale Alessa Lanot

Abbey will also be selling brushes & papers. :)Art Sale Abbey Sy

Check out the event page or for more details. 🙂 See you there!


The Googly Family 😀

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8 years ago

Gaaah why does my sched always clash with these events! One day though, I’ll get to one of these. *fingers crossed*

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