Work & the Stop Motion Fever

I don’t know what’s with me lately.  I would listen to a tune & my mind would suddenly feed me with these images of objects moving & dancing to the music.  I tried ignoring those ideas but each time my playlist came to the instrumentals section (I have to admit I’m such a sucker for instrumentals), it starts playing those images in my mind again.  Sometimes, I’d find myself staring into space.  I would only realize it when I’m done with the track and realize that I’m actually in the middle of some other deadline. *Oops* I swear, they’re like ghosts trying to enter my mind?!?! I’m just grateful they’re just a bunch of (hopefully) harmless ideas.  Anyway, one of the ideas that won’t stop bugging me is the crude animation of this 2011 Tetris post. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since the original post.

An officemate once told me that as long as I’m alive, my list of pending works will never really end. So, I might as well stop & learn to enjoy my work while I’m at it.  Usually, I’m panicky about my deadlines especially when they’re piling up.  (Ponggo can attest to this.)  I’m somewhere between super stressed, mega inspired or both.  At the end of the day though, just like a difficult work-out, I just need to smile through it because wrinkles on my skin will just make me look more stressed & worried about the fact that I have to buy more anti-aging creams which, in turn, will make me mooooore stressed because it’s already hurting my pocket! *With that, I’ve successfully veered away from my topic.* 😉

Anyhooz, as I was saying, I’ve been having this stop motion fever lately.  We did a test shot earlier this week & I ended up playing with my most overused props of all time on Instagram, the origami cubes instead:

I also ended up applying the same concept for what initially was a Save the Date card.  I just figured, if people love putting special hashtags for weddings on Instagram these days, this could probably be another way to invite your guests to your party using the same social media platform:)

Actually, this afternoon, another stop motion idea popped up inside my head.  *Ahhhhh* I need to get back to work already and this madness has got to stop at least for now! 😀

Well, wish me luck! ‘Til the next stop motion project  blog post! 🙂


Tipsy ❤

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