Android Kitkat: What’s Next?

Cute Android Popsicles

The Android KitKat has just been launched.  We stared at the icon and we saw that it can be a popsicle / twin popsies / ice pops or whatever you’re supposed to call it these days.  Android started with Cupcake, Doughnut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean and ta-daahh…they now have that wafer coated in chocolate. (KitKat Dark’s one of my favorite by the way.)  Following the evolution of Android, we figured it will be a loooooooong time before they get to letter P for popsicles so why not squeeze in some Lime or Mint or even WaterMelon.  We’re trying too hard aren’t we?  We’re so stubborn and lazy we haven’t managed to come up with something Lemon-y instead.  So, on the last line, with an array of Android wanna-be’s (which we’re really tempted to turn into free downloadable icons), we go back to plan A which is to draw different versions of the Android icon if they were popsicles.  😉

Which one is your favorite?

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Al Estrella Doodle Sheet Feature

On certain days when my to-do list feels like a hopeless game of Tetris, my social networking feed starts becoming a blur.  Now & then, I’ll find a reply & ask myself why didn’t I see that??  One of the things I missed & I totally regret missing is this Tweet by one of the artists I admire, Al Estrella.  Al & I are both probies at the Ilustrador ng Kabataan (INK). While I tend to thrive on my endless vector recycling (Exhibit A:, Al draws effortlessly.  Sometimes, I actually wonder if INK gets to accept people as good as Al, how and why did I even make it to the initial screening?  Hahaha.  (I’m not kidding.  I actually asked one of the senior members about that!  😛 )  Al’s pasta piece for the INK Curious Buffet is even one of the group’s favorites! 🙂  AL dente!

Anyway, here’s Al’s doodle sheet:

Doodle Sheet by Al Estrella

Don’t forget to check out Al elsewhere on the web:
Twitter: @aliputput19
Instagram: @aliputput

Missed the doodle sheet? Click here. 🙂

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