When People Need Something From You


Googly Gooeys Signs That Someone Needs Something From You

Ahh…when people need something from you….

It’s just so funny how people go great lengths to ask a favor from you.  They’ll befriend you then ignore you and remember your existence again when they need something from you.  Also, the format is always like a spider web where you’re lured into the center and then you realize, it’s too late!  You have fallen for the trap (yet again) even before you recognize what kind of situation you’ve entered!

Ponggo always tells me it’s my fault I’m always the one being approached because I have this “Oh-I’m-so-friendly” sign written allover my face. I always tell him that we can’t both wear the don’t-mess-with-me face at the same time.  He knows how to put on that face when he needs it (except for that one time when he forgot that he was wearing a cutesy bright green parrot–a temporary kiddie tattoo–on his face & terribly failed at intimidating someone who tried to steal our table at a resto).  Also, I don’t know how execute that stay-away-from-me-and-don’t-even-try in a mean kind of way because I always end up projecting a stay-away-from-me-I’m-a-troubled-volatile-and-fragile-crazy-person-sorting-out-many-inner-demons-right now version.  And, finally, after being complimented & trapped one too many times, I eventually learned to  screen all the stuff I hear and I end up reading too much between the lines & being unnecessarily cynical.  Shucks, I should really learn how to find the middle ground!


Tipsy ❤

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10 years ago

Hey Tipsy! Thanks for sharing this. Sobrang I can relate. Something like that happened to me recently and I really felt so annoyed.
Shared this on my FB wall 😀

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