What to Do When The Power Is Out

What to do when the power is out?  We actually need a blog post about this?  I mean, do we really have to remind ourselves what to do when the power is out? Apparently, we do.

Yesterday, typhoon Glenda visited the Philippines.  The strong howling winds definitely overturned lots of leaves & uprooted trees.  Everyone was saying that their city looked like a set from Jumanji.  (If you don’t know what Jumanji is, it just means we’re older than you. Hehehehe.)
Since the power was gone in most of the metro, a lot of people have been Tweeting & Instagramming about how bored they are and asking the local electric distribution company to please please please have mercy on them.
Yes, it’s not a comfortable situation to be in when the things you’ve gotten used to are taken away from you.  On the other hand, it just goes to show how wired this generation is and how dependent we all are on electricity (and the internet too)!
So, here are some ideas on what to do when the power is out (myself included):
Googly Gooeys Power is Out
1. Play board games – like monopoly (or this fictional oligopoly board in this comic).  If you have none, then I’m pretty sure you have a lot of chants & songs you can always go back to.
2. Make Some Art – If you’re like me & you’re so used to drawing stuff digitally, maybe it’s time to put out those watercolor, gouache & pastel sets.

3. Have a Face-to-face Conversation with a REAL person – Remember those dinner moments when all your friends &/or family members are quiet & busy checking their phones? Well, you finally have the chance to interact with each other!
4. Create Words Out of Words – When I can’t sleep and I get tired of Boggle, I used to do this a lot when I was a kid.  I swear, it’s fun.  (Then again, don’t believe the person who used to make a lot of noise in her high school hallway just because she was busy playing Boggle with her friends…Yeah, I was such a cool kid! *Sarcastic*)
5. Scare Yourself With Ghost Stories Until You Sh** in Your Pants – It’s just like loving someone knowing that your heart will get broken but without the commitment or eating something that you know will make you fat anyway.  Only the process if f-u-u-u-u-n. It also leaves you with unsolicited can’t-ever-unsee-those visuals in your brain forevahhhh.
Anyway, that’s it.  Next time the power is out, you know what to do.
Tipsy & Ponggo
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