Tribute to MH17 & What to Do When You Can’t Sleep

This year, I really thought that the chances of getting into that short list of Tatt Awards are bleak.  I’ve accepted it and found peace, so much that I slept the other night instead of checking my Twitter incessantly for the announcement.  I mean, there is always a fresh new batch of talent every year.  However, at around 3am, I received a Tweet, afterwhich, I heard Ponggo say, “Wow! We actually made it to the Tatt Awards!”

I thought he was kidding.  I also thought I was dreaming.  I was so surprised I can’t even sleep from 3am to 5am (on a Saturday).  I was just so happy and since it’s just before dawn, it felt surreal.  I felt elated and most of all, grateful to the Tatt Awards and the Globe family for including is in the list of nominees!  Thank you too to all the readers for always supporting this hobby throughout the years! 🙂

Anyway, just in case you can’t sleep, you can vote the Googly Gooeys as the Instagram Phenom of the year here. 🙂 After doing that, if you find that your blood and brain cells are still wide awake, here are a few suggestions you may try:

What to Do When You Can't Sleep

Tribue to MH71

Tribute to MH17

Speaking of not being able to sleep, last night, I also wasn’t able to sleep right away.

News updates about the MH17 that got shot in Ukraine was looping on CNN.  It pains me to watch that Malaysian Airlines is again a victim of another tragedy that’s beyond its control.  Just a few months ago, flight MH 370 flew out of its pre-determined flight path and landed in the Indian ocean.  They said that the plane was already transformed into debris before it even hit the ground hence the flowers falling into place in a bouquet. It is this that we offer as a tribute to MH17 tragedy and their families.

Tribute to MH71 Bouquet of flowers


Tipsy & Ponggo



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