Facts About Boogers

I just noticed that the other entries from the past few months look like reflection papers so let’s lighten up the mood a bit. 😉

At least in this side of the world, the weather’s been very fickle lately especially when there’s an incoming storm.  One moment you think the rainy season has finally arrive and a few hours later, you think you’re in the middle of one humid summer.  During these days, everyone’s prone to colds and with colds come the booger-friendly weather.  Not that our bodies don’t produce mucus everyday, it’s just that during this time, our nose is on overdrive.  With more mucus drying in our nostrils, the more boogers!  How much mucus do we produce every day? What do you call it when you pick your nose excessively it starts to bleed? Is this our yummiest topic yet? Hehehe. Here are some facts about boogers.

Facts About Boogers

Facts About Boogers:

1. The human body produces 1-2 liters of mucus every day.  Some of it get swallowed & some dry up in our noses.

2. The habit of picking your nose so often to the point that it starts bleeding is called rhinotillexomania.

3. A sneeze travells anywhere from 60 to 100 miles per hour!  – Ha! This explains the funny feeling!

4. A booger is made up of lots of bacteria trapped in the mucus.  So, before picking those boogers with your bare hands, think again mister!

Well, that’s it for today.  Hope this delicious topic was worth your time. Hihihi.



Tipsy ❤



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9 years ago

Why are those green liquid filled bottles labelled “yummy”…?

Please tell me that’s soda in there…! 0_o

Ericka Dannielle Piñon
Ericka Dannielle Piñon
9 years ago

this post is yucky and cute at the same time. is is weird that I said it’s cute? I mean, your post is cute. not the topic. what?! ha! I should stop talking.

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