Camille Co + The Googly Gooeys: Rainy Day Dressing Tips! :)

Camille Co & The Googly Gooeys Tips for Rainy Day Dressing 1. Don't ever wear suede! Jelly shoes are the way to go! 2. Match your umbrella to your outfit. 3. Take advantage of the opportunity for layering. 4. Camille says give those leather bags a rest & say hello to Prada nylon bags. 5. Stay away from flowy skirts. Rain + Wind = Marilyn Monroe moment!

Camille Co’s Rainy Day Dressing tips illustrated by the Googly Gooeys

Camille Co is currently the Mango IT Girl, she’s also on Preview’s Best Dressed & Mega Magazine’s Most Stylish.  She just had her photo shoot with Mango in Barcelona earlier this year and did a side trip in Paris just for fun, went on a trip to Malaysia and met Jimmy Choo and while I’m writing this blog post, she’s enjoying her time in New York.  She’s a fashion blogger, designer and a model at the same time.  She has graced the pages of local magazines & even the Teen Vogue website.  I don’t know how much more awesome-errrr her life can get!! (Yes, the use of the triple superlative is deliberate).

Ponggo & I met Camille at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards late last year in Malaysia.   What I admire about her (aside from the fact that I envy her endless legs) she has a very broad range of style.  One day, you’ll see her as the girl next door in a cute dress with a Peter Pan collar and the next day she’s all dressed up for a glamorous ball or experimenting with aztec prints & neon.  We got to shoot one of her outfit posts & it’s just amazing to see one person very focused at her craft.  I really really hope she gets to inspire more teens.  You see kids, she’s also one enterprising young woman as she styles, designs her own pieces under the aptly named COexist brand.

I really don’t know how she gets to mix & match all the clothing pieces & accessories and the best thing I enjoy about her blog is when she shares the thought process behind her daily ensemble.

Well, it’s definitely been a rainy week here in Manila (with some of you guys happy because your classes got suspended today). Meanwhile, I’m forever stuck with my summer 365 peg (you will almost always see me wearing a dress & sandals on weekends) and I need lots of help & insights on how to dress up with this kind of weather.  If you left this post up to me, I would’ve just said, “bring an umbrella and wear rubber slippers if you must”.  You don’t really want that. Hehe.  So thanks again Camille for generously sharing with us for the second time a fresh batch of fashion tips 😀


Tipsy 🙂

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Check out Camille’s blog, Twitter, Instagram, Lookbook & Camille Co on Chictopia :))

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Maureen Belmonte
12 years ago

You guys are soooo awesoomeee!

Camille Co
12 years ago

Love Googly Gooeys! Thanks Tippy and Ponggo!

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