Heima in Bloom & Some Tips on How to Decorate Your Home!

Googly Gooeys Tips for a Prettier Home (a Collaboration with Heima) 1. Add Accent pieces ( whether its a furniture or a wall decor, accent pieces will show off your personality! Mix and Match! ) 2. Turn on the lamps! ( most people use table lamps just for displays, Lighting is everything! the mood of your home changes instantly! ) 3 Declutter and Organize ( Organized home = Less stress ) 4 Choose the right size of furniture By choosing the right size of furniture pieces, you maximize your space :) 5 Listen to your instincts Break the rules if you have to . At the end of the day, its your home, do what makes you happy!

I first stumbled upon Heima when I visited a photographer’s studio a couple of years ago. I asked the photographer where he had his place designed & he handed me a postcard with the interior designer’s details on it.  That night, I fell asleep with a smile on my face knowing that there was actually a interior design & furniture company that shared my love for color!  ‘Heima’ means “at home” in Icelandic and it has always been a treat to visit Heima‘s Cubao & Makati branches because the place looks different each time depending on the theme of their collection.

Nelwin Uy's office designed by HeimaNelwin Uy’s office designed by Heima

Fast forward to two years later, during the launch of their Stockholm St. x Heima neon scarves & pillows,  I met a schoolmate whom I’ve interned with at an ad agency.  She is now a fashion editor for a local paper.  She asked me why I was there at an event. I didn’t know what to answer.  I knew I was there because I loved Heima’s works so I just said, “Fan girl.” 🙂

Fan girl indeed. Hihi. If you have been following The Googly Gooeys on Instagram, you would have probably come across some Heima stuff:


Heima on Googly Gooeys Instagram 1. MT Washi Tapes from Heima 2. Adobrable pastel-colored buntings at their Cubao branch during Fozzy's calligraphy workshop 3. Electrolychee & Aleyn Comprendio's post cards which are all with my friends by now 4. Ponggo unshaven, posing with the polaroid cam at their store

1. MT Washi Tapes from Heima
2. Adobrable pastel-colored buntings at their Cubao branch during Fozzy’s calligraphy workshop
3. Electrolychee & Aleyn Comprendio’s postcards which are all with my friends by now 🙂
4. Ponggo (unshaven) posing with the Polaroid cam at their store 🙂

I always wanted to draw Heima furniture in one of the Googly Gooey posts.  So, I wrote Rossy Yabut, Heima’s creative director, for a collab 🙂 I’m so happy she said yes!  The pieces featured above are just some of my favorites across all Heima catalogs and the tall blue, teal, grey & orange drawer on #4 is a piece Ponggo & I bought just recently. 🙂 Yay! Finally, a Heima furniture piece here at home!

Ponggo & I will be seeing Rossy & Bong of Heima again later, along with some of my favorite artists and friends at the Bloom Arts Festival in Cubao! Some 90+ artists will be participating here and out of excitement, I actually volunteered to write about this for WheninManila. Haha. Bloom (or Bloom Chuchubelles as Dan Matutina calls it) will be from 5:30pm today until 1:30am tomorrow!

Ponggo & I are hoping to see some of you later..and yes, you’ll most probably find us at Heima. 😉



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Heima in Bloom September 29 Cubao X

Still can’t get enough of Heima?

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