Art in the Park 2017

I was supposed to start working already today then I realized, “Wait! I must blog about this!” I’m still on a high from yesterday’s Art in the Park event.  I’ve been waiting for the day that I could create a vlog about it, but yesterday afternoon, my lizard brain as Seth Godin would call it wanted me to quit even before getting to the event.

Art in the Park 2017
“It’s too cloudy!”
“You’re an introvert & people will actually notice you lugging around a tripod. You don’t want that.”
“You look funny in a dress carrying around a camera.”
“You borrowed your hubby’s lens & people will start expecting an awesome output. You know you’re a beginner.”
“It’s hot. You’re going to be tired.”
“You’re hungry.”

My brain made up all the excuses and I was actually convinced I will just have ramen & chill with my family in the afternoon.   Then it rained.  So I thought the skies agreed and none of this video documenting thing will push through.  Art in the Park is a yearly art event that usually happens during the summer so just imagine how many months I waited for this day!  It aims to showcase works of art collectives, independent art spaces and student groups.  It’s also a haven for buyers! 🙂

Art in the Park Jamie BauzaThe sun then showed itself and the colors on the canvases started becoming vibrant.  I finally realized why I was drawn to Art in the Park:  Colors, inspiration and the spirit of creating and connecting with kindred souls! :) ❤

As expected,  I was terrified of holding a camera in public at the beginning.  I was afraid that some people or the guards might shoo me away or something. I was hoping to be subtle and I didn’t want to go near all the artworks so I borrowed the hubby’s zoom lens.  Subtle I wasn’t. Haha. Oh welllll…
Art in the Park

I edited the video on our way home (making the most out of the little one sleeping). 😀 Sure my legs got tired from going around but it did because I didn’t notice that I spent two hours taking videos of people and artworks.  Also another hour downing burger, fries & iced coffee.  *Oops.* There’s pure joy in my heart and I’m still really looking forward to the fact that hopefully, I get to rewatch this again in some futuristic gadget decades from now and look back at the faces of my peers and their works.

I would always encourage workshop participants to visit galleries and as soon as I left the place, I just realize how awesome it was with 65 galleries in it all in one place! #ThisIsNotASponsoredPost. Hehe.

Art in the Park GalleriesNo wonder it felt like if I toured this place several times, I will never run out of things to see and discover!

Art in the Park Unicorn Ice CreamAlso, unicorn cotton candies & dirty ice cream, anyone? :)

Tippy Go Art in the Park
After all this inspo, I just realized, there should be I must master next year:
(1) Learn how to be in front of the camera.  If it weren’t for Kayo Cosio, I wouldn’t have a photo of me that day. Always being behind the lens made me afraid to be its subject! Wahhh.

(2) Muster the courage to participate in the Ilustrador ng Kabataan booth. I shouldn’t really push myself hard enough to create pieces that will make it just in time for Art in the Park 2018! 🙂

Hope to see you next year!

Tippy 😀
*Yes, it seems I sign my blog posts differently each time.*

Art in the Park
Jaime C. Velasquez Park, Tordesillas, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila
Twitter: @ArtInTheParkPH
Instagram: @ArtInTheParkPH


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7 years ago

From your vlog it seems like Art in The Park was a lot of fun! I was supposed to go yesterday to get more art inspiration, buy some art and maybe be inspired to join as an exhibitor. I really wanted to take art more seriously by going to more art events like this, but right now my health needs to recover. I thought it might be too hot pero yun pala medyo cloudy and windy nga naman kahapon talaga haha.

7 years ago

I feel so bummed that I missed this. Waaaah! I’ve made plans and had I known earlier I would’ve gone here instead. I’ll make sure to plot this in for next year though. Having just moved here some 2 years ago, I didn’t know this existed. Huhu. But thanks for the little vlog Tippy. At least I can pretend I went there too.

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