Procrastinating with Dancing Doodles

How many times does this have to happen in our lifetime???

Procrastination I'll Do It Later

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Last night, I told myself I was going to tackle some huge deadlines.  I’ve been doing stuff digitally for the past n months and there was just something inside me that was itching to pick up the pen & paint again!  I started sketching and I told myself that yes, I’ll just probably do a few doodles.   I’ve been drawing pages and pages of nothing but lines and lines lately (and I really hope to be able to share them with you soon).  Then, I started thinking…I’m always in a hurry to color maybe it’s high time I give attention to my lines!

Spanish Dance Doodles

I noticed that whatever people love using for lettering: the dip pen, brush pen et cetera, I love using for doodling.  For this one, I used a Zig Cocoiro brush.  I’m one of them people who apply so much force on their pens so I guess this is a good match for me.  It’s a brush but it has the capacity to “bounce back” and help you make those hairlines just like a dip pen. 🙂

Nutcracker Spanish Dance Doodles

I spent a good chunk of my life dancing and since I can’t do so much of that these days (because of the baby), I might as well do some dancing doodles on paper. 🙂

Spanish Ballet Doodles

Aww…This wrist-flicking Spanish dance brings back a lot of happy memories such as the time I wore a narrow skirt to my rehearsal and fell the first time I attempted to put my leg up.  There was also a time when I had to do a quick change backstage and my classmate accidentally pierced my head with a hairpin.  (Joy, sadness, panic, anger, and disgust all in one story). Haha. My mom wondered afterwards why I didn’t look like I was smiling from within during the actual dance.

Spanish Dance Nutcracker Ballet

Seriously though, I love this dance because unlike the usual ballet pieces, we were dancing in heels, we got to turn in our feet from time to time and we can put one shoulder up.  🙂

Waltz of the Flowers Doodles

Here’s another Nutcracker dance, The Waltz of the Flowers.  Hmm..No morbid memories here so far except for the fact that I’ve rehearsed and danced this one too many times I still know some of the sequences more than a decade after. 🙂

Ballet Sketches Doodles

Ballet Illustration Nutcracker

Well, here’s to a hopefully traffic-free long weekend!  We’re on our way to La Union tonight for Vitamin Sea! 🙂  I can’t wait tosee the beach and escape this concrete jungle where dreams are made of (no, not New York)! 😀

Waltz of the Flowers Sketches

‘Til the next blog post! 🙂


Tipsy ♥

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8 years ago

These are so so so cute Tippy! I think I’d like to give that pen a go. I like to doodle and I put a lot of pressure on my pen too. 🙂

8 years ago

This post! I could relate to it very much, no not the dancing but the procrastinating part.
I don’t know…it seems like I’m an expert at it and an expert in cramming too! :)) Hahaha

PS: I love the dancing doodles. I have the Cocoiro too, but still trying my best to control it.

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