6 Cool Projects You Can Do with Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl sticker sheets has to be one of our best DIY discoveries in the past few years. They’re extremely durable and waterproof, (beginner) crafter friendly and are so versatile we’ve used them in so many ways! So if you’re looking for ideas or you’re simply wondering what it can do, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite vinyl projects in today’s post.

6 Cool Projects You Can Do with Vinyl 3

General Tools and Materials

Vinyl sticker sheets are so easy to use that you can make do with regular scissors, cutter and a ruler but if you have a cutting machine, they’re compatible too so yahoo for bigger and intricate projects! Our suggested cutting machines and tools are as follows:

Vinyl Project #1: Laptop Decals

All you need are vinyl sheets in your favorite hues and a good old pair of scissors/cutter! Decorate your laptop, tablet, phone and other gadgets. Watch this quick video to find out how we did ours (or head to this post to read the full step-by-step tutorial).

Vinyl Project #2: Bottle & Jar Labels/Decor

Decorate your bottles, jars and organizers with vinyl cutouts or use a cutting machine to create text labels for your organizing needs. Perfect for your Pinterest office, kitchen, pantry and bathroom dreams! Click here for the full step by step tutorial on this project.

Vinyl Project #3: Personalized Tumbler

This one is perfect for gifting to loved ones or for yourself just because. It’s also a really cool way to do a small business from home and offer customized tumblers and giveaways. We’ve used our favorite shapes to decorate this one but you may also do text to write names or a cheeky and fun quote. Anything works really.

Vinyl Project #4: Custom Glasses

Whether it’s a regular drinking glass or something a bit fancier like a wine glass, vinyls work on them too! Create decorative ones like what we did below or customize them into a “his” and “hers” pair. 

Vinyl Project #5: Paint Stencils

If you’re planning to paint on your walls or on any surface, you’ll know that freehanding some details can take time or may also be too tricky. You can use vinyls as stencils like we did for these decorative blocks.

Vinyl Project #6: Signage and Decor

Saving the biggest project for last! Vinyl are not only waterproof and washable but they’re also pretty durable! You can even use them as store and cafe signages (on the walls, surfaces or display windows) like this project we did for Black Scoop Cafe in Tomas Morato. We also used the vinyl as stencil to paint the menu (text) on the wall. Check out this video for a quick preview on how that went out.

What other viny sticker projects should we try? Let us know in the comments and we’ll give them a try.

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6 Cool Projects You Can Do with Vinyl 2

If you decide to create any of these DIY vinyl projects, feel free to show us! We’d love to see what you make. You can find and tag us on our various social channels: FacebookYoutubeTwitter and Instagram. Got any Cricut related questions? Check out our Cricut Basics: Blades, Mats and Machine Differences post or see our other Cricut Projects here.

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