Happy National Ice Cream Day

Well, I must admit, National Ice Cream Day isn’t really a holiday in our country but halfway around the world, it is!  So, I’m definitely jumping in to celebrate.  I mean, we love ice cream so much.  It’s one of them #ColorYouCanEat food!  *Okay, okay. I just invented that hashtag a couple of days ago. Harhar*Happy National Ice Cream Day

Anyway, here’s a tribute to all the ice cream we’ve loved and we’ll continue to love! *Sounds like a relationship, eh?* I also thought it would be good to revisit all those yummy scoops & swirls that we got addicted to!  Let’s take a moment & feast our eyes on:

Baskin Robbins! I can’t wait to go back…It’s just that the lines are really really long. Huhuhu. If you’ve been living under a rock (a.k.a. your office space), yes, Baskin Robbins is back & you can read more about it here.

Remember the time we got addicted to posting photos from our Magnum Cafe experience?  We’d like to remind you that Magnum Cafe is only open for a year so, what are you waiting for? I honestly can’t choose which photo I’m supposed to post because there’s just so much to share. Anyway, you can see for yourself in this post

I know what you’re thinking, you’re about to say, “but that’s GELATO”. Well, smartypants. Fine, you’re right but still, we’d like to include it in this list of all things sweet, creamy & colorful. 🙂

So our love affair with ice cream continues even when they’re on a stick. Remember when everyone else was so into #100HappyDays? Yeah…I wonder where all those projects are now. 😀 But of course, 100 Happy Days shall & will always have ice cream on the list!

Ahh…Magnum Gold. We didn’t eat just one stick to get this shoot done!

Then, there’s Bono Gelato that boasts of its all natural ingredients & flavors. If ever you want something fresh, yummy & au naturel, this is it!

Finally, I saved the best-est (we need a superlative for the superlative) for last! Godivaaaa–the rootword of which is GOD (or so I’d like to think). Anyway, eating this reminds me of my childhood. No, wait. We didn’t actually have Godiva soft serve ice cream when we were kids but you get it. It makes you feel nostalgic.

So, with that, I hope you enjoyed National Ice Cream Day as much as I did. Don’t you think we should take this holiday more seriously? I really think we all deserve a day off just so that we can have scoops and scoops of our favorite ice cream!


P.S. Whoa! You’re still reading? So, you just had a trip down our Instagram memory lane. If you enjoyed our posts, please help us become the Instagram Phenom of the Year at the 2014 Tatt Awards by voting here. Thank you in advance & remember, you may vote every hour! 🙂

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