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Hello guys! 🙂  I can’t believe it’s only a few days before Christmas and as I was doing the last update of our event page, I can’t help but thank you guys.  Every time I get to talk to you online or in real life, I can’t help but be grateful I get to meet and exchange ideas with kindred souls.

As requested by some of you on Twitter, here are some free printable templates.  Because really, what’s the fun in creating a project if I’m not able to share it?

1. An Ampersand – to remind us that as much as today’s world loves measuring individual achievements and is in love with stories of the lone genius, we will find fulfillment, contentment & inner peace when we help each other out. 🙂

2. A Quote – This has been one of my favorite quotes since high school.  There’s so much that happens to us every day.  We can replay it several times in our mind, curl up and continue to ask why our lives are this way or we can start recognizing that we can do something about it. 🙂 (Also, in the previous paragraph, I was talking to myself.)

3. A Travel Photo – This was a photo taken by the hubby from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Prior to traveling to Europe with friends, I’ve mostly done family / trips via work all my life and just felt that traveling at my own will is going to move me out of my comfort zone.  However,  after reading the Alchemist, that changed my mindset altogether.  Cliché as it may sound, let this be a reminder that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”    Years after we traveled with friends, I won a trip to Italy through Big Blog X and we revisited Paris & Iceland.  We went home and after a couple of months, won a ticket to New York to watch the NBA games. :O There must be some truth in what Paulo Coelho wrote!

Free Printables Class Schedule
Free Printables Teal Red Palette

Class Schedule
I was busy internalizing my college self & how much time I would take in preparing my class schedule so I’m passing this on to ya by creating a free printable template.  Yep, I actually googled my old school curriculum for this so that the subjects are realistic.  I kept it as simple as possible so you can still decorate it with stickers & such. 🙂

We printed these with our trusty Canon E470 which is great for those who want their efficient.  With 2 black ink cartridges, you can print up to 700 pages.  It has a scanner / copier function too! 

Free Printables Recipe Sheets
Free Printables Recipe Palette

Recipe Template & Other Secrets
I think the fun part about creating a video is that you get to tell it all but here are some behind-the-scenes secrets:

1. Recipes – The recipes I wrote are the hubby’s actual concoctions.  It is a tradition in our tiny home to invite friends & family members over for dinner while he cooks his favorite Herb-grilled chicken, Truffle Cream Pasta (Riley’s Favorite), Steak, Samgyeopsal & more. 😀

2. Travel – I’m such a geek of a traveler that when I prepared my IT, I once included screenshots from Google maps, travel time from point a to point B via bus, country’s capitals, flags, projected weather, currency, timezone / time difference.  Hahahaha.

3. Dealing with Glossy & Matte Paper – If you have to print on glossy & matte paper, to get the best out of your E470 or any Canon Pixma printer for that matter, you have to adjust the settings to glossy / matte photo so that it can optimize the printing for you. 😀  Believe me, there’s a huge difference & some of you have DM’d me for this.

4. A Frustrated Lay-out Artist – Frustrated that you’re not a lay-out artist & you don’t know any design softwares?  I once auditioned for a practicum at an ad agency with a magazine lay-out I did on Excel.  I knew I loved rearranging visuals but I didn’t know where to start: I was in a business course. My practicum mates eventually taught me how to use Photoshop.

5. Book Report – I honestly wish I had a printer this fast when I was still in school.  If you look closely at 0:48, that’s the actual printing speed and yes, I made an actual book report about one of my favorite books “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell and shared my views about it and related it to social media too. Can you read it? Haha. 😀

6. Go Wireless – Sometimes, the real barrier in wanting to print something is the thought of having to open a laptop, setting up & sitting down.  Good thing there’s wireless printing thanks to the Canon Print App.  If you’ve been to one of our Canon workshops, you may have realized how fun & convenient it is. 

Oh, by the way, we will be having another Free DIY workshop on December 16, at Chicken Deli in SM North Edsa!  No online regsitration needed & dinner will be served after the workshop.  First 30 participants at the venue.  More details at

Get your own Canon Pixma E470 printer here:

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