DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer

DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Painting3

Our house is mostly filled with arts and crafts supplies, paper of various kinds, books, food (chocolates!) and Riley’s toys. As much as these are all fun and tasty, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. I also happen to have moments where my OC-ness kicks in and I cannot stop myself from cleaning the house. Anyone else? So when I was approached by Handyman with a do it yourself project, I went for something that will help us solve that.

This DIY Chalkboard and Organizer was a challenge to our resourcefulness. We actually used plant pots for these! Would you have guessed?


DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Sanding2


Also since we knew that not everyone has easy access to chalkboard paint, we opted for a substitute material that can be found in most hardware shops: black satin finish paint! It’s matte and works just the same.

DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Chalk1
DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Chalk2

Watch this video to learn how we made this DIY Chalkboard and Organizer:

DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Hang1

Tools and Materials:

  • wood board and planks
  • Greenfield sandpaper #180
  • moist cloth
  • Krylon primer
  • Do It Best flat white paint
  • black satin paint
  • Do It Plus 4″ foam mini roller
  • Lotus 21mm hammer
  • Eagle’s Claw common nails
  • Bostik wood glue
  • Buffalo mini hack coping saw
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • hooks
  • cord/nylon
  • Ramgo green pots with hooks
  • Do It paint brush
  • acrylic or latex paint of your choice
  • wall mount hook
  • chalk for writing

You can find these at your nearest Handyman hardware stores.

What I love about this project is that it is customizable. You can switch up the organizers (pots) anytime you like since they’re detachable. I also decided to pin up some of my favorite postcards and mementos on the board. That and I can just write my to-do list so I don’t forget. (Which reminds me, we ran out of coffee and chocolates so…)

DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Style1
DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Style3
DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Style4
DIY Chalkboard and Craft Organizer Style2


Now I’m no expert with these things just yet so I got some help from Pong, my husband, on the technical aspects such as how to hang the project on the wall; and Anne, who’s addicted to Youtube DIY projects. Of course, Riley and his yaya were our cheerleaders. Haha!

What would you like us to try and make next?

To learn more about the tools and materials we used, visit your nearest Handyman hardware store or check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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