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We initially started this Happy Things Blog Giveaway when we got home from a trip last year in the attempt to share with you guys all the things that make us excited.  Each time we have a giveaway, I get a bit worried we won’t be able to top the last one especially when we end up doing dream collaborations!  However, looking at our line-up today, like a friend who hasn’t seen you for years, I have lotssss of happy stuff to share with you and I feel so overwhelmed & very grateful to the collaborators! ❤

Bunny Baker Minion Cupcake Red Velvet

Papoy! We have zee minion cupcakes! 🙂 The Bunny Baker is giving away Php 1,000.00 worth of cupcake goodness!  You can choose to spend the gift certificate on this guy Stewart and/or the evil minion ;)*  When people ask where I get my red velvet cupcakes, I tell them I always order & pick them up from Bunny Baker.  It has just the right amount of sweetness & the cream cheese frosting is simply irresistible.  I would also Aila, the bunny boss, that their cake creations are actually way better than the ones I see on international TV shows! Really.  Just head over to their site if you want to see what I mean. My grandma’s birthday is also coming up and as I’m typing this, I’m having a cake made by them.

*The winner of the Bunny Baker gift certficiate must be willing to pick-up the cupcakes of their choice from The Bunny Baker studios in Quezon City on a weekday.

Paper Chic Studio Mason Jars with lemonsThen, we have these mason jars from Paper Chic Studio.   Ahhh..There’s just a lot of uses that I can think of for these!  First, there are those pretty mason jar meals for fruits & oats.  It can also you’re your origami creations & tiny collections.  You can even put Christmas lights in them if you need an accent piece at home!

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When Ponggo & I got married, I wanted us to use mason jars for our drinks but I didn’t know where to get enough for our guests.  Thanks to Paper Chic Studio, you can just order everything online giving you more time to prepare for your party 🙂

Paper Chic Studio Straws & Sitting Pretty Bottlecap Magnets

What are mason jars without paper straws?  Paper Chic Studio is also giving away these pretty paper straws together with the mason jars.  These kinds of things make you want to celebrate even if your birthday is still eleven months away! 😀  Sitting Pretty has a bunch of bottle cap magnets up for grabs & it’s just cute that Mariel especially sent pink & blue ones to match Tipsy & Ponggo’s colors ❤ How sweet!

Sitting Pretty Hand-dyed Clothespins

You should know how much I’m in love with colors (and you also know how much I’m stating the obvious).  It’s not a Googly blog giveaway without an all-out colorful item so thank you Sitting Pretty for these hand-dyed clothespins for our readers! 🙂

Sitting Pretty Alphabet Stamps

Sitting Pretty is also giving away a set of alphabet stamps ❤  Before I came home to shoot this set, I dropped by the grocery store.  I saw a pack of nuts & told my cousin how much I’m craving for nuts but I stopped myself from buying anyway.  It’s just so funny that I randomly rearranged the letters so that everyone can see how the rubber part looks like but lo & behold, there are two words I can make out from this: FED & NUTS! Hahahahaha. Talk about my subconscious taking over!  Anyhooz *Who says anyhooz these days? :P*  these stamps are a fun, easy & quirky way to spice up anything from snail mails, scrap booking projects & labels!

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British Flag Mailman & Chevron notebooks by Spellbound

I stumbled upon Spellbound at the 10A Alabama Arts & Crafts fair over the summer & instantly fell in love with their notebooks.  I found it hard to choose between what I’m supposed to keep & what I was supposed to give to my sister!  It seems like their notebooks go together: the teal one with the chevron and the one with the union jack & the mail stripes!  May I also mention that they’re so light and handy, you don’t have to worry about it being such a hassle to carry around in your bag especially if you’re the type who needs a writing material within reach all the time? 🙂

Evil Minion Cupcake by the Bunny Baker


Well, what are you waiting for?  Don’t let the evil minion get you! Join the promo now & get clicking below!  Don’t forget to tell us which prize you’d like to win so that we’ll know what to send you if & when your name gets picked! 😀

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Update as of July 30, 2013:

Here are the winners! Congratulations everyone!

    1. Cham Cuartero (Davao City, Philippines)
    2. Frances Carolyn Tan (Philippines)
    3. Anam Tariq (Dubai, UAE)
    4. Kathleen Consular Lazam (Philippines)
    5. Galaxia Wu (Canada)
    6. Kate Almario (Philippines)
    7. Nicole Chua (Philippines)
    8. Mhycz Macabuhay (Philippines)

For those who didn’t win, don’t worry. Watch out for our post in the coming days & you might just be able to help us choose what you’d like to win on the next blog giveaway! 🙂 *Exciting times!*

P.S. If you’re still lonely & you feel like you’re about to Tweet something along the lines of “I never win” or “The world is against me”, here, have a cronut

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