The Long Weekend is Over

This Holy Week, I was initially thinking of giving up chocolates.  Then, it just dawned on me, I can’t do that! You can let me exercise but please, don’t take away the goodness of bittersweet dark chocolate!  So I had to think of something else that I was always attached to.  Then it came to me: Instagram, this blog and all our other social networking accounts! Last Wednesday night, we moved out-of-town.  During the first day, it was pretty easy to give up the internet since we were somewhere a bit isolated–thus having a weak internet connection and we were surrounded by endless greens.  Sure I had to glance at Facebook & my e-mail a number of times just to check on messages from clients  & suppliers (Oops, I forgot, I didn’t give up on work) but I tried not to post anything here & Instagram.  I then started to enjoy it!  Eventually, I started loathing the internet with eyebrows meeting each other as I would see notifications on my phone from all my social media account.  “I was away only for a few days & seriously Facebook, I have to deal with all this news?”.

As I was busy reading a book–a reward for finishing a decent amount of work over the long weekend–I seriously wanted to extend my online absence for more than a week, a month or even a year!  I was feeling empty, sad & depressed but I couldn’t quite explain it. Then, I realized, I was having a bit of separation anxiety from the long comfy weekend!

Then I started weaning myself back into my usual so here I am.  I just uploaded an Easter post (because I so wanted to find out how food coloring works (and gahh…it stains your fingers like crazy!!!).  Anyway, here are some signs that you too are in denial that your happy long weekend is over!

Denial Long Weekend

Well, worry not!  Trust me, we need this sort of bittersweet ending so that we can appreciate the better days ahead! 😉


Tipsy ❤

P.S. I really wanted to take a picture of our view, my workplace, and whatever else but my brain didn’t want to cooperate with me and during the first few days of our vacation, it refused to function & churn out some decent work. Hehehehe.

*Insert imaginary photos of trees & hills here.*

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P.P.P.S. *Seriously, how many P’s do we need?*
Here’s the result of my funny Easter experiment.  Taking a quote from my speech class assignment back in high school, “My hands are wet with b̶l̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶   food coloring”. 😉

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