He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not + Heima Paper Club

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Finally tired of leaving my life unto the hands of fate, instead of finding out whether “He loves me” or “He loves me not”, I started counting the petals on the flowers instead before picking them. They should be odd-numbered!!  I just realized that I should’ve taken it further!  I should’ve made paper flowers instead.  That way, I’m in control of the results.  *This girl has control issues. Haha.*  Also, when it comes to horoscopes, I used to try to read them after they’ve expired.  That way, my mind won’t be clouded and I can actually double check the predictions versus past events.  😉

Anyway, speaking of paper flowers, I was invited by Heima Paper Club to do a paper flower demo for their Craft & Be Merry–an event celebrating all the yummy paper goodness that Heima has to offer.

Paper Wall Washi Tapes Cotton Candy Heima We Love Paper Club

Clockwise: MT Casa Washi Tape Buffet! (Well, that wasn’t part of their official announcement but that’s how I’d like to call it).  Yep! Cotton candies got the the young ones and once young lining up even trying their hand at making one!  Ge Mapa also did some awesome portrait washi art.  Upper Left: Probably hundreds of paper pyramids pasted on the walls of Heima Brixton made by their very creative interns!  (When looking for fun internships, you now know where to go!)

Mural of Kris Abrigo & Interns

Speaking of the interns, the talented bunch redesigned the mural outside the Heima store while Kris Abrigo did some matching geometric design in-store.  You might have probably come across some of Kris’s work together with Soleil Ignacio for the two branches of Early Bird Breakfast Club 🙂 Lower Right: That’s us in Christmas colors.  Now it makes me want to have our photos taken behind every mural in Metro Manila!

Thank you to all those who dropped by & participated in the mini workshop.  Those are the paper flowers made by some workshop participants!  I would always say that twine paper is my material of choice because my motions are so rough I always end up tearing the crepe paper. Ehehehe.  However, one of the workshop participant’s hands were dainty enough to handle the fragile & super thin white crepe paper!  Ahhhmazing.

G Borg Ukelele MT Casa

Clockwise: More Paper Club Books (I wish I could just bring them all home for 365 days of unlimited inspiration),  More giant MT Casa washi tapes, live art by Borg Sinaban (I don’t know how they do it! I get nervous when people are watching me draw!) plus music by Uke & Midi as captured on an iPhone 😉

Mural by Kris Abrigo Tippy Go Paper Flowers Pergy Acuna Raine Sarmiento

Clockwise: Le messy la mesa!  *Ahh..Sorry, my brain is fried–so are my caption-making abilities–or what’s left of it.*, Raine Sarmiento for the other 1/2 of the live art demo, Pergy Acuna’s mad paper cutting skills & a peek at Kris Abrigo’s in-store mural 😉

It’s always a treat to see Anna Rifle Bond’s work being sold at Heima branches!  I swear, I don’t know how many times I’ve told myself to try out gouache but I just always end up staring at how pretty, unique & heartfelt her works are on Instagram! ❤

Pergy Acuna Anna Rifle Bond Craft a Day Oh Comely

Clockwise: Pergy in action!  They say the pen is mightier than the sword but what if your sword looks like a pen? *Ahhh…So sorry. I don’t really know where these thoughts are coming from. Maybe a part of my mind refuses to function because I know I have to be up & about again in less than 6 hours?* :P, more Paper Club goodies & more Rifle Paper Co. love + a bunch of magazines that I’ve been trying to stop myself from buying.  But alas! The spirit is too weak! *Stares at the tiny collection of Uppercase & Frankie Magazines getting taller & taller here at home.*

Heima Brixton Group Shot

Lastly, thank you to Bong & Rossy Rojales of Heima for inviting us!  Thank you as well to Karizza & Sharraine of Heima for helping us out!  Thanks too to our sweet sweet friends Trixie, Pierre, Gicel, Joyce and to the readers who dropped by! 🙂  ‘Til the next crafting event!

Heima Paper Club

Website: www.HeimaStore.com
Twitter: @HeimaStore
Instagram: @WeLovePaperClub

Store Address:
Heima Brixton

Unit 103, Three Brixton Building, #3 Brixton Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Philippines

Heima Makati
Suite 229 LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia St. (Reposo), Bel-air II, Makati City, Philippines

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