The Life of a Cronut & Other Food Fads

The Life of a Cronut & Other Food Fads

What’s the latest food fad that you can think of?  Remember how everyone wanted a jar of speculoos or how almost all the bakeries had their own versions of macarons?  Have you noticed how all these cupcake bakeries popped up like mushrooms or how these pancake places multiplied from nowhere everyone almost forgot how easy it is to make one at home?  Now and then some new dessert, food or drink rises to rock star fame and sadly, if the food’s career doesn’t fly, it also follows a rock star career’s demise & pushed into dessert obscurity or earns its regular Joe status. I can’t predict the future of cronuts accurately but all i can say is, they’re starting to get more & more common.

What do you think? Is the cronut here to stay?

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