Katy Perry – Roar Lyrics (Illustrated)

Katy Perry Lyrics - Roar Illustrated

If you’re reading the blog for the first time today and you’re looking for the main characters Tipsy, the pink goo & Ponggo, the blue goo as promised in the about section, worry not, they haven’t been eaten by a tiger & a lion respectively (even though it may look like it).  In the spirit of Halloween, the characters are donning costumes 😉  Well, it was really a toss between this & Royals by Lorde but I really really wanted to draw Tipsy as a tiger or Tipsy with a tiger hat (which didn’t work out) as an illustration exercise and I also just wanted to get that “Breakfast of Champions” cereal box out there. 😛

Also, to celebrate this season (which is called fall in most parts of the world but is really nothing in this side of the world except for falling rain), we’ve changed our Twitter & Facebook pages to look more Halloween-ey.  Our current profile pic is a zombie & since the new designs are just a day old, we’re still adjusting to it.  A while ago, I opened our Twitter console & wondered, “Who actually left his Twitter account open?” I realized, I was staring at our new design–which I just changed the night before. *Boingk*

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the illustrated Roar lyrics! *Rawr*

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