Googly Gooeys What Does the Fox Say Hello folks! I’m back! I’m aliiive. Well, I was knocked down by a bad flu for two and a half days.  I’m not feeling extremely well but I think half of the scary flu is gone.  (I hope I didn’t jinx it just by declaring that it has walked away).

Anyway, last week, I was driving and a bunch of DJ’s were talking about premiering this song on radio “The Fox”.  I was listening to the lyrics and I was going “What!?!?!” throughout the song.  It was a cross between some nursery rhyme and a seriously produced pop song.  Then, today, my sister finally showed me the video.  I felt a couple of brain cells were dying each time I tried to replay it for the lyrics & visuals but hey, everyone needs these types of songs once in a while.  It’s the why-didn’t-I-even-think-of-that song or let-me-show-this-to-my-friend-to-destroy-her-day video.  Hope you enjoyed this version of “The Fox” a.k.a. “What Does the Fox Say?” by Ylvis! 🙂

More lyrics here:

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Meanwhile Section for Blogopolis 2013

Speaking of  the wild, save the date and see you guys on November 16!  Remember Blogopolis 2012?  Well, it’s back again & this year, the theme is #IntoTheWild as it tackles the animalistic behavior of the people in the social media scene.  (Yes, that includes YOU!)  This year’s Nuffnang Blogopolis will be held at the Hotel Intercon(tinental) in Makati.  Aside from a series of talks, there will also be a Nuffie Awards Night!

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Blogopolis 2013 Into The Wild

We’re so honored to be invited back to talk about Creating a Compelling Blog & Social Media Proposal 🙂 Check out the Nuffnang Blogopolis 2013 Website for the rest of the details.  Don’t forget to get your tickets early because there’s a Php 500 discount for the first 100 tickets! 🙂  Mouse over the tiny icons on their site too and wait to discover so many interesting things about the blogosphere!

Update as of November 11, 2013:

But wait, there’s more! 🙂 We just learned that all ticket sales of Blogopolis will be donated to the Red Cross! Isn’t that awesome? You get to learn about blogging and social media, you also know that you’ll be spending the weekend for a good cause! 🙂

Blogopolis 2013 for Yolanda

But (just like those TV infomercials), if you join this promo within the next 24 hours, your ticket is free! 😉  We’re giving away five (5) tickets to Blogopolis! Follow the instructions on the widget below to join 🙂

Watch the video and see which animal are you? Click here to view the video

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