The Googly Gooeys on Instagram! Hello Android Users! :) Welcome to Instagram! :))

The Googly Gooeys on Instagram Iphone Screenshot

The Googly Gooeys on Instagram!

Find the Googly Gooeys on Instagram! 🙂 First, we’d like to welcome all the new Android users. Woohoo!

I’m “googlygooeys” on Instagram by the way while Ponggo is “ponggo_googlygooeys”.   Yep, we promised ourselves that we will no longer sign up for another social networking account.  Actually, my friends have been begging me to start pinning on Pinterest but I figured that might be another black hole in my life & it will significantly reduce my time with real people in my real life. Haha. *It gets really bad when I get addicted to something*

Anyway, so we finally signed up for Instagram.  There, you will find the following:

1) Updates if we have new posts on our main site

2) Product prototypes (behind the scenes!)

3) Random musings and umm..mostly pictures of food! 🙂

4) Art projects.

Well, let’s see. We’re still figuring out what kind of fun stuff we can do there 🙂
See you on Instagram! 🙂


Tipsy & Ponggo

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