Geeky Pick Up Lines ;)

The Googly Gooeys Geeky Pick-up Lines "We have chemistry" "Have you ever heard of the Bunsen burner?" "We have something in common" "We're connected just like atoms" "Take this magnet as a reminder of how much I'm attracted to you" "...and may the magnet land on your head"

Geeky Pick Up Lines

Geeky pick up lines: These are probably the lines you’d love reading on any social networking platform but not necessarily the type that you’d like a girl or a guy say to you!  I was driving the other day and some random thought crossed my mind.  I realized, scientific & mathematical terms & concepts would make good metaphors to represent love, relationships–all those talk about connections, chemical reactions and such. LOL. Hahahahaha. Well, that was a pick-up line in itself. Oops.

Have you ever tried using a pick up line?  What was the person’s reaction? 😀

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