The Fault in Our Stars

Fault in Our Stars Parody Funny Cartoons

I don’t know how many times I’ve rewritten this post.  In essence, this is a fusion of two posts on my list: The Fault In Our Stars & the feeling that I always have to check if everyone’s okay in light of recent events.  One one hand, sometimes people say they’re okay but they’re really not okay.  On the other hand, some people are just too caring–they’re already smothering their loved one.

Anyway, I’m happy that instead of infecting you with my pensive, reflective and philosophical mood, this is an easier way to look at things.  I tried sharing what was truly in my mind with my friends & I ended up having people put their hand on their heart trying to breathe & in shock.  So, I hope you enjoyed our quick, light & fluffy The Fault in Our Stars parody. After all, this whole colorful blog is a challenge and exercise on how to turn the negative into a positive!
Despite the gloomy weather, hope you’re having a great week!
Tipsy  ❤
Where to Go This Weekend
Where To Submit Your Art:
Meanwhile, all these years, I should admit, I’m guilty for googling (is there even such a verb?) the keywords “call for art” “open call for art” & “submit your art”.  Now, for some reason, in a span of one week, I see all these call for submissions and I’m happy to share them with you.  Don’t forget to enjoy the process of coming up with something new.  If it scares you, it doesn’t mean you can do it, it just means it’s exciting and something of value to you. 🙂 Have fun & don’t forget to tell your friends about these awesome opportunities.
1. Google Doodle! – Ever dreamt of getting your doodle appear on Google? Well, Google 4 Doodle Philippines is now open.  This competition is open to all students in the K-12 students. Click here to submit.
Google Doodle Philippines

2. Green Peace Logo Contest – I know how you feel about the Google doodle contest, didn’t you just with it was open to everyone including the young at heart? Fret not, the Green Peace Food For Life Bahay Kubo contest is open to all ages & nationalities!  Yeah! Click here for the mechanics.

Green Peace Bahay Kubo Logo Contest

3. Uppercase Magazine – is an art magazine based in Canada and is generously accepting contributions from around the world.  We’re very grateful to have been a part of Uppercase Magazine Issue #19. For this issue, Janine Vangool is looking for calligraphers. Excited yet? Click here.

Submit Calligraphy to Uppercase Magazine


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Vanessa Grace C. Lim
Vanessa Grace C. Lim
9 years ago

hahaha..nice one!

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