World Cup France vs Germany

I was going over my notes and one of my pending blog posts was supposed to be this chart of me wallowing in my sorrows.  It’s a venn diagram of how I don’t know anything about Game of Thrones, the NBA and the World Cup.  And yes, I’m outside those three. I see all these Tweets & status updates as I do my daily crawl & scroll.  Even Twitter loves brandishing & offering me World Cup updates I’m so clueless about.

Then, one night, as I was working on something on my laptop, Ponggo was watching the world cup.  Since then, this is how we would talk about the matches especially the upcoming World Cup France Vs Germany ! 🙂

World Cup France Vs Germany

Probably the closest experience I’ve had with this sport was when we visited the AJAX Arena in Amsterdam some 5 years ago.  I was begging Ponggo to go around with me & explore the architecture of the city and in turn and he wanted me to go visit the Ajax arena with him.  During our first visit, we didn’t really get to enter but we saw this announcement that their reserve team, Jong Ajax, was playing on a certain day and that anyone could enter the arena for free for that match.

It was really fun because here we were, a bunch of foreigners exchanging smiles and cheering with the locals.  We would join them in their clap, chant (well, at least the beat) and even joined the wave of the crowd.

Well, that’s pretty much it.   I was asking Ponggo about the ridiculous prices of the World Cup seats and we just laughed. I guess, for now, the TV is still our best bet! 😛 Hehehehe.

Here’s to us girls & guys who watch the World Cup for other reasons! 😉


Tipsy ❤

Tatt Awards 2014 Meanwhile Section

Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening on our Instagram Page.  Sometimes, I feel like our blog & Instagram are two different worlds.  I barely get to post comics there while we don’t have a purely photo essay post of sorts here on our blog.

Speaking of Instagram, Tatt Awards 2014 is here! 🙂  Thank you making us one of the Instagram Phenom Finalists last year.  If, by any chance, any of our Instagram posts have made you smile this year, please nominate the Googly Gooeys in the Instagram category. And oh, if you enjoy this blog and the way we live our life colorfully, please nominate in the Lifestyle Blog Tatt Awards 2014. 😀

This was one of the cakes I received during my birthday week!  This was my favorite.  I invited my friends at our place for dinner.  It also means that Ponggo gets to cook for my friends and I…get to wash the dishes. Hehehehe. To my surprise, they brought this rainbow cake!  I was so happy I was just staring at it the whole time.  🙂 Thank god for weird & crazy friends (weird & crazy like me…Hehehehe).  I would always tell Ponggo that in life, you will always meet new people but nothing beats the friendship that you’ve had with the people you grew up with (such as your high school friends).  They know your sorrows, your quirks &

Our schedule has been challenging lately so after much thought, I decided to focus on the blog and my day job first. With that, wedding & birthday invite designs will be temporarily closed. I will still continue to work on those who have already reserved their slots. *Why do I sound so formal as if I’m writing an e-mail?* 😛 For other inquiries such as collaborations, kindly send them to this address: ponggo(at)googlygooeys(dot)com. 🙂

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