Existential Cat, Existential Chat

Lately, it seems I’m always sad or distracted.  Aside from dealing with quite an emotionally heavy weekend, sometimes, I think I just have too much time to think especially when I’m doing routine things such as when checking documents (a task I dread & I find mind-numbing).

I think I’ve trained my mind to wonder and wander so that I could come up with something  (slightly) new all the time.  But, I also think it’s a double-edged sword because I end up overthinking and letting my pregnant thoughts give birth to multiple unwelcome thoughts until my mind explodes. *Oh the drama!*

On one hand, we can blame the society and especially media for presenting to us the highly styled and edited (not to mention FGD-validated) ideal life.  True, true, it’s not as if we can actually close our eyes while driving along major roads or completely be free from any influence from our society.  Then again, that’s what we avoid.

On the other hand (and every time I write “on the other hand”, I feel like I’m working on a school reflection paper), there’s social media.  What do I mean by this?  Well, you see, with social media, we can choose whom to follow and whom to ignore.  Every day, we bombard ourselves with everyone’s photos & status updates of (mostly) happiness.  As a result, we unconsciously start questioning our life and how we live it.

Existential Cat What is the Meaning of Life GooglyGooeys

We start comparing and benchmarking whether we love to admit it or not.  The task of scrolling through every day Pinterest-y photos can be inspirational or it can also be depressing depending on our emotional and psychological state (including the weather…hehe).

Then we start questioning our existence (or maybe it’s just me?)  Hence, here’s the existential cat.  I was thinking of Tipsy & Ponggo comparing their lives to each other but I don’t think I ever envied the fact that he likes motorcycles these days because I can’t quite get it or that I love scattering my art materials on our common table from time to time.  He knows I’m happy while I’m at it but he doesn’t get it at all. Hehehe.

We’re hoping to share with you more thoughts and adventures of this cat soon. And, by making that statement, I hope I didn’t jinx it. (I also know that I shouldn’t be starting my sentences with “and” but there’s not much that I can do).  My brain is fried.

‘Til the next catty comics!


Tipsy ❤

P.S. Did you know that the word cat is spelled “chat” in French? Well, not that I actually took it as my foreign language back in college but there’s this cute & fun jump called “pas de chat” \-ˈsha\ I learned back in my ballet years.  Well, do yourself a favor & search for Pas de Chat on Youtube. Have fun learning & try not to hit anything in your room while you’re at it 😉


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