Where To Get Ideas & The MT Casa Washi Tape Exhibit

It’s Friday (at least in this side of the world) and I’m pretty sure your brains are fried by now.  So, here’s something we can all probably use.   Our friends always ask us where we get our ideas for a new blog post.  So, we’ve threshed out some tips on where to get ideas when you’re practically out of ideas or desperate to find new ones for your blog post, design, project or report.

Where to Get Ideas if You're Out of Ideas

These are actually slides we shared during last year’s Blogopolis event–a day for bloggers by bloggers 🙂 (I also heard there’s another one this year.)  This is just 5 of the 26 slides and the original talk had other topics involved but I’ll try to walk you through the whole thing 😀

Great Ideas from the Bathroom: Toilet Seats are the Best Thinking Chairs

Once upon a time (i.e. 2009), there was a yellow green Googly Gooey cartoon character.  His name is Ooey.   He was supposed to be the friend or sidekick of Ponggo (who didn’t have a name then).  He was also supposed to be chartreuse but that color wasn’t too friendly to the eyes.  You see, back in the day, we were still exploring character looks and relationships (e.g. the pink goo was supposed to be Ponggo’s mom, some Tipsy-looking character was a mermaid, Ponggo has a pet Porky the pig porcupine, there was a Mike Wazowski looking one-eyed Googly characters, three-eyed googlykins, et cetera).  You’ll find them all Googly Gooey experiments here.

#1 Location, Location

Anyway,  when you’re in search of new ideas and yoga is not your thing, try the toilet seat where it’s calm & quiet and your mind is free from any useless anxieties.  They say your cup can only be refilled with tea if it’s empty.  (I believe that’s some Zen quote from a required reading material back in high school & this is such a useless parenthetical sentence.)  So, don’t force yourself and ask, “What am I going to write?” x times as if you’re juicing a dry lemon.  Let go for a moment…breathe in (and cover your nose too if air’s too stinky :P) & breathe out.

Jot Down Your Ideas Before They Fly Away

#2:  Jot Down Your Ideas

Back in grade school, we had a speaker who said that the first step to success is having a ballpen.  (Why do I remember these things from eons ago? I don’t know).  Anyway, what she meant was the key is to jot down your ideas.  Ideas have wings; they love to travel and sometimes, as soon as they perch on your window, by the time you recognize your existence, they fly away!  Ugh.  So, there.  Always bring a notebook and of course, these days, you may opt to type it on your phone or record keywords if you’re in a hurry (just like how those reporters would in movies).  The key is to write legibly.  There’s really no use jotting down stuff which only look like a bunch of symbols even you can’t decode 😉

Experiment With New Topics

#3 Experiment

Everyone has this fear that if they change their brand of writing, set of topics or even an apsect of themselves, they will not be accepted.  The thing is, growth comes from experimentation.  Remember when you first tried to create your own bangs using your uber dull pre-school pair of scissors (or was that just me *Oops*)?  What did you learn from that experience?   You can always write about what your audience wants but you may also explore stuff that they actually need.  Your next topic can be an introspection–something about yourself or your own process (and you’ll be surprised that apparently, a lot of people can relate to your own set of woes).  It can be a funny observation too.    While we always go with our best ideas, it might always be good to revisit those old rejected ideas.  Who knows you might just have critiqued it too much it looked bad but with the right timing and a new angle, your bad idea might actually be good!  Finally, while you’re always at the mercy of your own ideas, always remember that you can collaborate with other writers & artists as well! 🙂

Be Inspired

#4 Be Inspired

But what if you’re having a bad day?  Then, let it be you inspiration! 🙂 Actually, the other slide that came with this is entitled “From Doughnuts to the Runway”.  I always get asked where I get my color schemes and ideas for color combinations.  Inspiration is everywhere: from the design of the casing of you phone where you might probably be reading this blog post to an ad that you might probably encounter when you walk down the street, from the cutesy sprinkles on your food to the common colors you’ll find in your favorite shops while searching for that perfect dress for the next party.

Don't be Afraid to Fail

#5 Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Ever felt like you already wrote the best post, tweet or created the best design in your entire life?  Worry not if the next one is not as good as the last one.  There’s a saying that goes “You’re only as good as your last project” but I guess if you keep on creating and learning from your mistakes, there’s nothing to fear! 🙂 Think of all your mistakes as learning opportunities, a chance to gain a fresh new audience or a possible new viral post!

With that, I hope you have some idea on how you’ll tackle your next project.  If all else fails, grab a doughnut & check out the latest stuff from New York Fashion week whether or not you’re writing about fashion (e.g. Feminism & the Fashion Week or The Awesomeness of the Particle Accelerator and the Runway–I don’t know how that’ll work but I’m sure it somehow will) 😉


Tipsy ❤

P.S. If you’re in dire need of some drill to jumpstart your sleepy brain & caffeine isn’t doing the trick, visit 1000 Things to Draw or download a list of 100 Things to Draw here & post it on your wall 😉

Heima MT Casa Announcement

Speaking of ideas, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while now then you’ll know how much I love Heima.  Heima is and Icelandic name for home.  I always visit their store to pick up a bunch of books or magazines for inspiration or even just to absorb the creative energy the place has!  You also know from a recent post that I love washi tapes you’ll even find it in our FAQ’s.  Heima was one of the first to introduce washi tapes to the Philippines.  Now my two loves are coming together in one event & we’re so stoked to have been invited to participate in this washi exhibit! 😉

MT Casa Washi Tape Exhibit at Heima

You see, it’s not just washi tape but it’s MT Casa. These are the washi giants–they span up to 220mm (8.66 inches–roughly the width of your bond paper).  It’ll surely be a colorful & fun event. Prepare to be inspired!  See you next week, the 27th of September at Heima Brixton, 8pm! Click here for the map!

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