The Dark Knight Rises: Some Afterthoughts

Googly Gooeys Things We Learned from the Dark Knight Rises 1) There will always be time for love "Bruce, did you know that we only have 5 seconds before this city explodes?" "It's okay hunnybunch! THey'll make it seem longer than 5 seconds when they edit this scene" 2) You may fake death by pretending to have fallen asleep "Did Miranda tate really die or did she just have an ugly episode of narcolepsy? 3) The villain will always be too excited to reveal his plans and it will always be the cause of his downfall "I will destroy gotham while you watch TV like a couch tomato...or potato...whichever rots first. 4) If you want to protect your loved ones, wear a mask & change your voice! 5) Darth vader may actually have a son in another movie franchise! "Bane, I may or may not be your father. Let's have our DNA's tested."

Spoiler Alert: Things We Learned from The Dark Knight Rises

We watched The Dark Knight Rises last weekend and immediately, I put this post up because I was too excited to blog about it.  Hehe.  Indeed, I was too excited I was jotting down notes while walking inside the mall (seriously, who does that???) because I was too afraid that I’d forget something.  Well, I really hope you didn’t miss the uber red warning that said “Spoiler Alert” or else, I might just have destroyed for you your Christian Bale Anne Hathaway Batman experience. (Wait, was I the only 500 Days of Summer fan excited to see Joseph Gordon Levitt?)

Yes, sorry about number 5.  I know it’s a bit redundant but I just can’t help it 😉

But on a serious note, aside from the 5 things I’ve pointed out in the cartoon above, this is the Batman movie with the most realistic / human emotions that I’ve ever seen :))



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