“Sorry, I really am”, said the serial apologist.

Googly Gooeys I'm Sorry said the serial apologist " "Seriously stop it" "Sor..?"


“I’m sorry”, said the serial apologist.  Now and then, I’m always told how apologetic I am saying sorry for the things that I shouldn’t really be saying for.  It’s almost the default start of my sentence.  It’s as if I’m subconsciously apologizing for my mere existence. Hehe.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been told to quit this habit.

For the longest time, I thought I was the only one until my meeting with Patty last Tuesday.  Aside from these tweets,

Googly Gooeys Serial Apologist Patty's Tweets

I also received text messages with 5 sorry’s in it. (Yes, I just counted.)  I also received a call from a frantic Patty saying “Sorry, sorry, sorry”.  I actually thought there was an emergency or something.  But no, she just called to say sorry.  I felt like I just received a call from myself.  Haha. It’s just funny when things come in full circle and you finally see how you are and how you act through others.

So there dear friends, relatives & readers I’m sorry for having overused sorry throughout my life and yes, I’ll stop saying sorry.



The Serial Apologist Tipsy 🙂


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