Analog Photography 101: a Collaboration with Aleyn Comprendio

The Googly Gooeys Analog Photography 101 a collaboration with Aleyn Comprendio 1) Familiarize yourself with the rules & break away from it "The more you live by the rules, the lesser you will be able to reach your full potential as a photographer 2) Try all films as much as you can! "Find the film that has the quality & color that fits your style" 3) Practice shooting outdoors more! "Analog photographers are meant to be shot under natural light or with sunlight" 4) Mistakes will often lead you to wonderful discoveries "Don't get stressed, mistakes are something that you can learn from" 5) Shoot, shoot & shoot - Your most beautiful & favorite photographs are the ones that you might not have taken yet! :)

Tips on Analog photography : A Collaboration with Aleyn Comprendio

Analog Photography is something that people are definitely missing these days.  You’ll find tutorials on how to edit digital photos to make them look vintage and of course, there’s everyone’s fascination with Instagram!  But all these are just attempts to bring back analog photography!

Speaking of analog photography, we met Aleyn at the Heima Design Discussions earlier this year.  Well, technically, I saw her during her exhibit in the same store 1 week prior but was too shy to say hi. Haha. Aleyn is an analog photographer who hails from Iloilo & is currently working with Mayad, one of the creative forces in the wedding industry 😉  I instantly fell in love with her blog because her photos take you to a different time & place.  It’s like a little place of zen in the middle of a very hyperactive www.  The typewritten scanned quotes & random tracks at the bottom of each post are a joy to read & listen to as well!

Here are some samples of her work:

Aleyn Comprendio Photo3

Aleyn Comprendio Photo2

I love this photo.  Makes me wish I had a photo of me with a piano in the middle

of nowhere or me having tea & macarons in the middle of an empty road complete with books & tables! 😉

Aleyn Comprendio Photo4 (scrapbook)jpg

I also like the way she does her scrap book.  I’m not very good with adjectives but the word that comes to mind when I saw this is “legit”. Hehe.  The analog photos, the stamps & the way it has  been pasted is so raw & it makes me miss doing real scrapbooks instead of spending time doing collages for my personal Facebook album ;P

I was telling her how contagious her blog was to the point that for the first time in such a long time, we’re temporarily doing away with our home made font which we call “zeh googly boogly” (whatta name!) and replacing it with something that looks more analog 😉 We’re swapping the Googly Gooeys’ bright & pastel colors too for earth tones in honor of her photos *curtsies* 😉  I also told her how the tips she sent me are so quotable I ended up posting vignettes of this collab here & here.

If you enjoyed her photos as much as I did, drop her a line over at her Blog & Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook 🙂  Aleyn’s postcards are sold at Heima stores and she’s planning to release a book of travel & personal photos by the end of this year 🙂

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You will find the rest of the collaborations are here 🙂

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