I always forget the after x days of doing nothing but work, work, work (even on a holiday and under the mercy of the heavy rains) my mind tends to shut off for a day or two. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m actually enjoying what I’m doing and I might have probably enjoyed it too much.  However, with a brain that feels like it just stepped out of a blender, I finally agreed to watch a horror flick with Ponggo & a couple of friends. This is how we watched The Conjuring.  May I also say that I’m super happy I got to use my Globe rewards points to purchase our movie tickets? 🙂  Hooray for free movie tickets! Cute & Fun Way of Watching Horror Movies Watching scary movies for me is like hopping on a roller coaster. I regret doing it while I’m at it. The only difference is I usually smile at the end of the ride while I regret subjecting myself to torturous images for 1 1/2 to two hours. I grew up during a time when there were no smart phones & digital cameras.  (Read: I am a dinosaur.)  This meant that if you wanted to remember something (a picture in particular), you either had to list down key words to help you remember or you had to try your best to take mental notes of the images you see.  I think this is a handy skill when you’re trying to get inspired before you work on a design but that is not the case when you watch something like The Conjuring. I can’t unsee certain things and that most of the time, they just keep playing and replaying in my mind. After the movie, we had dinner & Ponggo was asking me what I wanted to eat. I didn’t actually hear him because a part of my mind was still busy processing & revisiting some scenes from the movie.  As soon as I went home, I actually turned on the TV just to search for Things that could overwrite my current stuff in my biological RAM.  But, I still had this weird dream that if I collected enough rewards points, the ghosts will go away *facepalm*.  When I woke up in the middle of the night, I was afraid to check my clock.  I didn’t want to know if it was at exactly 3:07am just like in the movie. *Yikes* *Sigh* I should probably limit to watching stuff like these in broad daylight! Anyway, good night & from now on, I shall sleep with my eyes wide shut! XOXO, Tipsy

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Globe Unli 30

I’m pretty sure most of you already know what these apps are & they don’t need much introduction.  So many people are addicted to these messaging apps.  How many, do you ask? 200 million Viber users, 60 million Facebook messenger users, 90 million Kakao Talk users and other major over-the-top (OTT) messaging services with over 650 million users!  *faints*

Globe Unli 30 With Kakao Talk, Line & WeChat

Anyway, the thing about using these messaging apps (as much as its stickers are addicting), unless you’re mooching off someone else’s Wi-fi, you need to spend for your own internet connection!  The good news is: Globe now has GoUnli30 which means that for 1 whole day, you can connect with your friends via unlimited calls, texts plus uninterrrupted use of: Viber, Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, Line, WeChat, WhatsApp. NO WI-FI needed! 

Globe GoUnli30

We were actually at the GoUnli30 launch last Friday night and as soon as the good news was announced, we were all on a tweeting frenzy!  How could you not share such great news to fellow messenger app addicts? 😉  Just dial *143# on your prepaid Globe phone or visit this this link for more details 😉

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