Charging Phones

And of course, while I was doing this post, I hurriedly got my charger out of my bag.  I’ll be out until the wee hours of the morning partying trying to catch Man of Steel tonight with our Nuffnang family.  If you’re wondering, yep, this is a queued post.  Meanwhile, unless you’re a purist like my dad who loves to drain his phone battery until its last stinky breath, you’re probably the type who charges his or her phone whenever or wherever s/he can.  On most nights, it’s easy.  However, if & when you’re dead tired, you don’t even have the extra energy to reach out for your charger. Then, voila, you set out into the world next day and your battery power’s not enough to fuel your need to surf the web & talk to random people online for no important reason make important calls & text. 😉 You realize you have to be more responsible about charging phones.

Googly Gooeys How People Charge Their Phones 50% Battery Power: Hmmm...I'll charge it later! 30% Battery Power: I'll charge it later! 20% Battery Power: Oh no! I should charge it now but where & how? 10% Battery Power: Don't die! No! Don't die on me yet! 0% Battery Power: Argh! I should've charged it a while ago!

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