Just imagine if all the social networking actions we did were real!

Do you remember the first time you ever signed up for a social networking site?  How about the first time you ever got tagged?  Weren’t you amused that tagging actually made it convenient for you to see photos?  Then, did you proceed to abuse that feature uploading your (boy/girl)friend’s unwanted photo and tagging all his/her friends for them to see?  Did you even move on to tagging your friends just for you to get more likes or comments on a photo–either subtly or blatantly (i.e. “Comment first then untag”).

So you were that happy kid inside tagging the day away. (who knows whose notifications got flooded?) Until one day, someone actually tagged you only for you to realize that your face wasn’t even there.  It’s cute at first then it gets annoying–you vowed never to do it to anyone else.

Well, just imagine if we all actually received a real tag each time we got tagged on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Tadahhhh >>

Googly Gooeys Social Networking Elements in Real Life Ponggo with lots of tags (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Tagging)

It would sure be fun at first (especially if the tags are well-designed & colorful–well, that’s just me) but it will eventually be annoying to peel off each one after sometime.

Are you guilty of tagging? 😀

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