Bourne Legacy: How It Reminds You of Other Movies

Spoiler Alert! Read only if you’ve watched Bourne Legacy 😉

The Googly GOoeys How Bourne Legacy Reminds You of Other Movies 1) The Matrix because of the blue & green pills "Who would've thought these wren't breath mints?" 2) The Bond Movies = Action + Love Story "It's either that or maybe because rachel Weisz is married to Daniel Craig" 3) Twilight: because of the trees & the wolves "All those trees and wolves make you want to ask when the wolf is going to turn into Jacob black" 4) Batman: The Dark Knight the way he chooses to play surgeon to himself. 5) Spiderman, Angels & Demons & Other sci-fi movies whre scientists are either at risk or turn into a villain.

We watched Bourne Legacy yesterday and we kept on associating scenes from the movie from other movies.  Blame it on poor memory and mere confusion but doesn’t this movie remind you of Batman, Twilight, 007 & other sci-fi films? 🙂 I must say though, the scenes in Alaska are breath-taking while  I ended up feeling dizzy watching the scenes filmed in my own country–the Philippines–not because the cinematography was bad but because my eyes kept on trying to scrutinize the background (in the middle of a high speed chase!) in the attempt to identify all the roads they filmed.  I’m also amused by the fact that I always find Rachel Weisz running in Constantine, The Mummy & this movie. 🙂

Finally, while everyone’s so excited to watch the much-anticipated Manila scenes after weeks and weeks of suffering the horrible traffic in the metro, everyone just burst into laughter upon finding out that our city’s role is that of a virus center.  Kudos to my fellow movie-goers for taking this lightly.

 By the way, thanks to Nuffnang & Mandaue foam for our Movie tickets & fluffy pillow!

By the way, thanks to Nuffnang Philippines & Mandaue Foam for our movie tickets & fluffy pillow 🙂


Tipsy & Ponggo ♥ ❤ ❥

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11 years ago

Have you successfully identified all the roads shown in the movie? 😀

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