Watercolor and Lettering Workshop

Whoa! I haven’t been able to blog for a while!  The past few weeks have been crazy but the past few days have been very exciting thanks to Type Kita.  More about that soon!  Meanwhile, here’s the last workshop for the year: it’s a basic watercolor & brush lettering workshop.  We have the following schedules:

December 6, Saturday, from 1-5pm at the Hey Kessy Studio. 🙂 (Slots are already full)

December 7, Sunday, from 1-5pm at Heima Brixton in Kapitolyo, Pasig (Thank you so much for the overwhelming response on the first sched, we needed to open another schedule. (Slots are already full)

January 10, 2015 – Saturday, 2-6pm, Fully Booked BGC (The list of materials may be changed).  The new list of materials will be finalized soon.For interested participants, you may sign up here for future announcements.

Watercolor & Brush Lettering Workshop Manila

The workshop will be putting an emphasis on COLOR (since I always get asked how prepare my palette)  & it will cover questions like:

1. How can I produce colors if I only have a limited set?
2. How can I make my palette more vibrant?
3. How can I make this shade look darker without adding black?
4. How can I produce pastel colors without adding white?
5. How can I produce my own black, brown, flesh without using black, brown & white?

It will also be cover the basic watercolor washes and lettering with the use of watercolor.   This is a good starting point if you’re planning to join the digitizing workshop next year where you will get to put together all your hand painted & hand lettered elements & play with them in a lay-out.  The materials included are:

Snacks & drinks will be provided.
Workshop fee is Php 2,600.00

When you sign up below, you will be receiving a manual confirmation e-mail. Interested participants should be able to reserve their slot within three (3) working days.

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9 years ago

Will I be out of place if this would be the first time I will attend and do calligraphy/watercolor “formally”?

9 years ago

I already filled out the form and checked my e-mail and still, I can’t find a manual confirmation e-mail. Please help.

9 years ago

Would you be having other watercolor and lettering workshops mid 2015? My friend and I unfortunately have other activities for the current ones 🙁

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