Self-doubt Cycle

Every time people ask why I exercise, I tell them that it’s cheaper & more productive than hiring a psychiatrist. The tricky thing about jobs like designing is that most of the time, it’s just you and your mind. You start coming up with an idea then that critic inside you will reject it. The cycle goes on and on and on until you finally realize that you’re nearing your deadline and that you can’t just sit there and try to polish your work forever.

For the past few months, I’ve been telling myself that I should stop getting stressed, overworked & getting sick. So, I made it a point to schedule everything and to filter all the appointments & projects so that I don’t end up panicking & getting bogged down by all the work. Everything was going fine until I forgot again that I am not a robot and that apparently, I also need to sleep and talk to real people, not be so guilty of me time spent on blogging & recognize that I also have family & friends instead of spending hours staring at my phone or my laptop screen.

This week has been especially tough. Schedules here and there got mixed up and boom, I’m now on the verge of, with the lack of a better term, insanity. It’s so easy to blame it on persons A,B & C but once I see a pattern on how these things tend to recur (every year for the past n years), I start realizing there’s really something in me that needs to get fixed. To start with, this is how my workflow looks like emotionally a.k.a. the self-doubt cycle :
Googly Gooeys Cycle of Self-Doubt

So there, just looking at my mixed up to-do list, I’m not particularly relieved that I have yet to go through some necessary challenges but I’m just content that now I know, in the end, it’s just me and I allowed this to happen to me. Next time, I should strictly stick to my original work schedule & I should probably put a huge disclaimer below it that says, “WARNING: Non-compliance will lead to stress, exhaustion, anxiety & insanity.” 😉

Coming up for air,

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Eilynn Charm M. Quiros
10 years ago

i feel youuuuu!! 🙂 this is so me!! hihihi

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