All Of Me by John Legend

Every single time I’m asked “Are you busy?” I always answer, “Yes I am”.  Finally, it has gotten to a point where I got tired of hearing myself that I’m busy so I would just tell my friends, “Yes I am but I stopped thinking about it”.  Deadlines have been piling up lately and I’ve been finding myself working during the wee hours of the weekends and even finding myself glued to my laptop even when I’m stuck in traffic.  *Yes, life, family & friends, I will fix this crazy schedule soon.*

Anyway, during the past week, I’ve been busy mostly with wedding & birthday invite designs and I can’t just help but play All of Me by John Legend to put me in the mood.
I even know of artists who have tarpaulins of waves printed while listening to wave sound bytes just for them to draw about pirates.  I haven’t gotten to that level yet and no, so far, I don’t have plans of doing that. :)All of Me Parody Funny Interpretation

Anyway, after listening to it n times and sometimes even imagining a fancy skating or contemporary dance routine, it ended with an All of Me by John Legend parody.  I thought I’m already done with this phase where I end up breaking down songs into lyrics and interpreting them literally.  For those who just stumbled upon the blog today (or even this year), this is like some interpretative dance with graphics. 😛 You can check out and sing along to the previous lyrics here:

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Whew! Well, that was a quick trip down to memory lane. Hmm…I might actually go back to drawing lyrics this way again (or maybe by mentioning my future plans, I’ve just jinxed it). But wait, what song would you like us to illustrate next? 🙂


Tipsy  ❤

P.S. We’re now on Pinterest & Vine.

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Arya De Guzman
Arya De Guzman
10 years ago

we also keep on listening to this song (blaming my brother), it’s a nice song

10 years ago

Ack! I missed this illustrated song lyrics! :))

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