I don’t know who among my friends actually posted a screenshot of their 2048 score but from then on, suddenly, there were more moments of silence in the house.  You see, the 2048 app is a game where you move the blocks around the square & combine the 2’s & 4’s until you get the elusive 2048!  I’m not really into games unlike Ponggo who is simultaneously into Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans & Diablo!  The last time I got addicted was when I played Temple Run a couple of years ago. Excuses to Play 2048

Anyway, one extra stressful night–and yes, I sound like I’m justifying my guilty pleasure defensively–I found myself moving blocks until my eyes can take it no more!  Gahh..This game is so addicting! I really don’t know if it’s the math geek in me or my obsessive-compulsiveness that loves putting things in one place. *Wait, let me qualify that: I only have selective OC-ness. I only get OC with design-related stuff but my workplace is always messy. :P*

Well, that’s it for now. I gotta run because I’m going to play 2048 finish some pending works so as not to keep the clients waiting. 😀

You can check out the 2048 app on:
The App Store
Google Play

This officially sounds like an advertorial! Hahahaha. Then again, you got to try it. Let me know if you get hooked!

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