Googly Gooeys Color Inspiration

Color & Inspiration: Some Doodling Tips

Doodling Tips! I received an e-mail the other day from Angelyne asking for some doodling tips.  Honestly, I always avoided making tutorials or giving my own tips because I didn’t have arts/graphics or anything related back in college. Sure I can probably help you with your math assignment or comment on your marketing paper but

Googly Gooeys Tips on How to be Productive1

Tips on How to be More Productive

Tips on How to be More Productive Productive. That’s how we pretty much want our days want to be.  Well, I’m sharing these tips not because I’m the most producitve person that you’ll find.  Actually, I wrote this down as a reminder to myself.  One day, I was able to go through lots of documents

Googly Gooeys Beauty Tips by Nikki Tiu of Askmewhats

Beauty Tips by Nikki Tiu of

I’ve always been so clueless about beauty products.  Yes, Tipsy the pink goo may be wearing mascara and and cheek tint all the time but the truth is, she wears more makeup than me. Hehe. I would always come across makeup on magazines but I just usually get distracted with the pretty packaging or lay-out, simply

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