nestle crunch

Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Winners

Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Promo Winners!

Oh look who has their Nestle Crunch Ice Cream too? 🙂  Well, for those who have been asking, these are not for sale. These were specifically made for this photo shoot 😉 For anything else about plushies, e-mail your orders and inquiries to 🙂 Yup! Those are the gift certificates.  Remember the time when you played […]

Nestle Crunch

How We Eat our Nestle Crunch Ice Cream

For a webcomic that talks about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Chocolates, Fact of the Day #102: Chocolate is good for you, I guess it’s already quite obvious how much we loooooove chocolates!  So, when we heard that we were invited for a Nestle Crunch Ice Cream photo shoot with renowned photographer Niccolo Cosme, we

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