Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Promo Winners!

Oh look who has their Nestle Crunch Ice Cream too? 🙂

tipsy & ponggo plushies with Nestle Crunch ice cream Well, for those who have been asking, these are not for sale. These were specifically made for this photo shoot 😉

For anything else about plushies, e-mail your orders and inquiries to 🙂

Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Gift Certificates

Yup! Those are the gift certificates.  Remember the time when you played Monopoly & daydreamed about how life would have been different if the play money you were holding were real? That’s Php 5,000 worth of Gift Certificates & yes, those are the last two Nestle Crunch Ice Cream sticks that we have from our ref.  Any winners out there willing to share their GC’s with us? Hahahaha.  Without further ado, here are the winners! 🙂

Googly Gooeys x Nestle Crunch Ice Cream ..and the winners are: Winners of Php 1,000 Worth of GC's 1. Iana Peralta 2. Mimi Paredes Winners of Php 500 Worth of GC's 3. Jethro Gonzaga 4. Tin Kerbels 5. Angelyn Demo 6. Mikey Eleazar 7. Abby Asco Mondano 8. Ava Te Congratulations & enjoy your Nestle Crunch Ice Cream

Congratulations to the Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Gift Certificate Winners! Woohooo! 🙂
Please e-mail your mailing address to  so that we can mail the Gift Certificates to you 🙂 You have 1 week to do that.  After a week, we’ll be raffling off new winners. (Much to the happiness of everyone else. Hahahahaha.)

Thank you to all those who joined.  There was a total of 3,230 entries.  We’re so touched with everyone’s comments, so many generous moms, aunts, (stressed) students and even a grandpa joined!  However, there’s only space for 8 winners.  We’re leaving you with one of our winners’ comments. Well, written & totally deserving, right?

Tin Kerbel Comment

Oh, and on another note, I’m actually shocked to see this girl’s face on my Facebook Dashboard

Nestle Crunch Ad on FacebookIt makes me wanna sing ♩ ♪ Whooooooo is that girl I seeeeeeee ♫ ♬ Staring straight, back at me ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Bonus points if you know who this girl (with a surprised face) is 🙂 Well, that’s it!! 🙂 ‘Til our next exciting promo.  Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@googlygooeys) & Like us on Facebook for news about our next funnnn giveaway :))

Ponggo meanwhile Post





If you still remember, we’ve added a meanwhile section for all our behind the scenes stuff 🙂
Well, something exciting is coming our way! 2 days to go before Nuffnang X! 🙂

Nuffnang X: 2 days to go :)

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Lady In Pink
11 years ago

yay i saw my name 🙂 thanks thanks 😀

Kristal Jade Naguit
11 years ago

Is that TIPSY? I mean, the real human tipsy. HeeHee. the one on the ads? Just a wild guess though. 😀

Kristal Jade Naguit
11 years ago

Is that Tipsy? The girl on the ads? Just a wild guess. 🙂 Heehee.

11 years ago

Oh! Tipsy is so pretty!!! 🙂

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