How We Eat our Nestle Crunch Ice Cream

For a webcomic that talks about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Chocolates, Fact of the Day #102: Chocolate is good for you, I guess it’s already quite obvious how much we loooooove chocolates!  So, when we heard that we were invited for a Nestle Crunch Ice Cream photo shoot with renowned photographer Niccolo Cosme, we said YES!! (More on the juicy links later).  Let’s get to know the new ice cream first:

Nestle Crunch Ice Cream x Googly Gooeys The Anatomy of the Nestle Crunch Ice Cream & Funtacular Ways of Eating it

If you’ve been following Ponggo on Instagram, you know that the triple chocolate goodness of Nestle Ice Cream has already invaded our freezer.  Our friends have already started scheduling their visits so that we can enjoy the ice cream together! (At which point we started doubting if they were really excited or were they just there for ice cream? Hmmmm….Haha.)

Here’s the fun (and very entertaining) behind-the-scenes video with hair-flipping Tipsy & Ice cream kissing Ponggo with the rest of our blogger friends and of course the very charming photographer, Niccolo Cosme! 🙂  If you look closely, the plushies are actually holding their own tiny versions of Nestle Crunch Ice Cream too!  You know how we rarely post photos of ourselves here on so this is your sneak peek to the life of the real Tipsy & Ponggo 😀

At some point in the video, you’ll see a bunch of people laughing and singing.  That’s us lip synching two become one! Well, that’s not the final product yet! VISIT the Nestle Ice Cream Facebook Page to see the results of the photo shoot! 😉 *wink, wink*

If you know where we live, you can definitely drop by our place and ask for ice cream but for the rest of you guys, the ice cream is already available in supermarkets, convenience stores & even Mercury Drug stores! (Just think of how convenient it will be to drop the line, “I’m sick. I need some Nestle Crunch ice cream to cure my sadness.”) 😉

Tipsy & Ponggo

P.S. Thanks again Nuffnang Philippines & Nestle Philippines Ice Cream Division for this fun experience! 🙂


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AJ Yabut
AJ Yabut
11 years ago

Ang cute!

Jel Directo
11 years ago

Waaaaahh! 🙂 Hahaha! Watcha doin’! 😛
Hello Tipsy and Ponggo. 😛 I’m not stressed na pala. Okay na ako. Hahahaha! See you two again super soon! <3

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