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Summer Events Preview

Workshops and Art Events this April & May

Oh my gosh! So many exciting things happening this April and May! You’ve got free workshops, multiple exhibits, art events as well as workshops that require a minimum purchase that will help you make the most out of your summer! I will no longer delay you. Let’s go straight to the schedulesssssssss! 😀 April 19-23: […]

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Mom’s Day Out: Mom & Me Workshop

I’m so happy that ever since Riley came, we now have more family pictures. The thing is, the hubby and I love taking photos so much that we often forget to have our photos taken. The hubby & I painted this 8 x 9 ft heart 7 weeks after I gave birht.  Our little siopao

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Letters & Colors Workshop

When I first sat down with Abbey in December 2014 for some supposed art session-turned-four-hours-of-talk, the last thing I had in mind was a collab workshop.  To boot, I knew we had very different styles.  As we went along with our projects, we both knew we were working with very different palettes.  Also, I had

Letters Colors upright

Letters & Colors Workshop & Basic Watercolor Workshop

I don’t know how many times I’ll start my blog posts with “What? It’s (insert month) already?  I really thought that by March, I would be blogging regularly with comics.  Another month is about to end and so far, I’m only able to do micro-blogging on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  🙂 Again, thank you for

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Watercolor & Lettering Workshops this April

Hello Guys! Oh my gosh. Time flies when you’re busy feeding and changing diapers!  I can’t believe it’s March already!  We’re still adjusting to our new life as parents.  I would always laugh at the kind of life I had when we didn’t have kids.  I felt that I didn’t have enough time then. Thank

Googly Gooeys Signs That Youre Clumsy

Signs That You Are Clumsy

So I was looking at my shins the other day and I noticed a couple of bruises here and there.  I don’t actually know where I got them. I might have: (a) accidentally kicked myself while dancing / skating or (b) I must have hit the edge of our bed…again. Then, the other day, I

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