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Googly Gooeys Blogopolis 2013 Quotes

Blogopolis 2013 Into the Wild! Sold-out & Jam-packed!

Blogopolis is like a blog congress where both bloggers & advertisers get to learn more about blogging, the social media & how to maximize it.  This year’s theme is #IntoTheWild wherein WILD stands for Weaving Information for the Leaders of the Digital World!  Blogging & social media can indeed be very tricky.  Sometimes, it feels […]

Googly Gooeys Soft Sell Versus Hard Sell
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Soft Sell Versus Hard Sell

A cousin of mine would sit down & talk to me for an hour about a new beauty product, its benefits, why, why, why I should buy it and why it’s better compared to the other brands I use.  I would laugh & tease her. “You sound like a salesperson and to think you’re not

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