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Faber Castell SM Stationery Sketching Workshops

New Workshop Format: Live Sketching

Hello Guys! 🙂 I’ve been receiving requests for a follow-up workshop to the Watercolor Doodles workshop. If there’s one thing I love drawing, that would be dancers.  I get amused when I draw them because they’re a big part of my childhood. 😀 Drawing dancers or capturing movement on paper has always been a part […]

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SM Stationery Art Fest 2017

Every time I get to attend the SM Stationery Art Fest, I always think how people these days are so lucky to have such venues where they can bond with their friends and family while exploring art materials! 🙂 I went to the first day of the Art Fest yesterday and didn’t realize how long a

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Brush Lettering Workshop with Globe

I can’t believe a few days have passed since the Brush Lettering Workshop with Globe held at Costa Coffee for 50 participants and it all feels like a dream and now I’m back on my desk, typing in the dark as usual blogging guilt-free while the baby is asleep. 😀 During the workshop, I actually

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Ode to Bacon + New Workshop Schedules

One of the things that I tried staying away from when I was pregnant were food that weren’t really entirely prohibited but recommended to be kept to a minimum such as tea, coffee, raw fish, raw egg, raw meat & cured meat.  So, just imagine how awesome it was to have had my first cup

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GOOGLY GOOEYS, singapore

Photos: Singapore Watercolor Lettering Workshops

This post is dedicated to my non-romantic hubby Ponggo.  I remember very clearly last year, I asked him to buy my favorite paints for me.  I would like to think that every other guy would have probably given this to their girlfriend / wife / loved one complete with pet names, puppy eyes & baby

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