Ode to Bacon + New Workshop Schedules

One of the things that I tried staying away from when I was pregnant were food that weren’t really entirely prohibited but recommended to be kept to a minimum such as tea, coffee, raw fish, raw egg, raw meat & cured meat.  So, just imagine how awesome it was to have had my first cup of coffee without the heartburn and how strong my craving for bacon was after giving birth! 😀

Ode to Bacon

I just got out of the delivery room and my mom was talking to me on the phone.  She was congratulating me for safely being able to give birth & I was like, “Thanks ma!  By the way, may I request for bacon?” Hahaha. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything for a good number of hours just before that call so I was really thirsty & hungry!  But of course, bacon is always a good idea weather or not you’ve just given birth or not. 🙂

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MeanwhileWe’re actually having our first workshop this February! :) I really thought it would take us a longer time than this since I was considering my recovery time as well as the baby’s behavior when I quit holding workshops last December.

The first ever Watercolor Doodles workshop for 2016 will be on February 21, Fully Booked BGC from 1-5pm.  We will be limiting the slots to strictly 12 students this time.  For the full course description, check out the course descriptions here.  You may sign up for the Watercolor Doodles workshop here.

Watercolor Doodles Workshop

By the way, we will also be a part of National Bookstore’s Color Pop Fair 2.0! 🙂 It’s an adult coloring even with free workshops all day long.  There will be free coloring sheets and art materials will be provided too.  Now, how awesome is that? 🙂  Demo’s will also happen all day.  Plus, copies of your favorite coloring books and coloring materials will also be on sale.

Color Pop Fair ScheduleWe will be sharing our coloring tips and will be having our book launch as well.  Abbey Sy, June Digan who will be launching her planner, Paola Esteron (a.k.a. Paola Koala) & Mark Dean Lim of Color Me Doodle will be there too! :)

See you next Saturday, the 23rd of January.  The event will be from 10am-6:30pm and we will be there from 4:30-6pm. 🙂

Tipsy ♥

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8 years ago

It’s also good with burgers! Haha.
When I was pregnant, I had this bad burger phase. Hehe.

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